My Cape Town holidays visit in pictures

Ephra 1

ephraim cocoa

ephraim 3

What interests me about this life is that those who have met will meet again it can be years, it can happen and  when does happen it is  such an interesting time when you all reflect back were you then in your lives and where you are today, Life is always about dreaming big and walking the talk and having direction in sort of a fixed campus to direct you were you wanna be, there is no easy journey in this life but with hope and sacrifice mountains can be moved. People will tell you this and that can’t achieved by an underdog like you but listen not to them but your inner voice and how you are feeling of what you are planing for the year, whatever it can be don’t look back remember to achieve anything you have to take the first step and expect to suffer. Its better to suffer from the beginning and have a happy ending

Good luck for 2014 it will be a busy year for me so me  I will  write but not as much as I would love but because  I know some of you like to keep up to date with my ideas and what up to will now and then, I’m sure some of you know already I’m embarking on two very big projects.

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Life is about believing so I do


191762_10150455973650107_2319820_oMaturity is many things it is the ability to base your judgement on the big picture and realise that life is a long haul. Maturity means being able to resist the urge for immediate gratification and to opt for a cause of action that will pay off later.

Maturity is perseverance – the ability to sweat out a project or situation in spite of heavy opposition and discouraging setbacks and stick with it until the job is finished.

Maturity is the to control anger and settle differences without violence or destruction.  A mature person can face unpleasantness, frustration, discomfort and defeat without collapsing or complaining    , maturity is the ability to live up your responsibilities and this means being dependable.  Dependability is the hallmark of integrity.

Maturity is is the ability to make a decision and stand by it   , it’s the ability to harness your abilities and your energies and to do more than expected.  A mature person refuses to settle for mediocry . He would rather aim high and miss the mark that aim low : Maturity is the art of living in peace with what can’t be changed,  the courage to change what should be changed, no matter what it takes and the wisdom to know the difference, I believe success depends upon  maturity !!!

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Open Letter to Psychology Maziwisa

Dear Psychology

Psychology_MaziwisaAs a concerned follower Zimbabwean I decided to write you this letter, a piece of advice, I know that there lots of people out there including those in your own party (ZANU-PF) who would wish the same, advising you to be a mature enough political figure and stop embarrassing your party through your senseless outburst and confrontation with none ZANU-PF affiliated politicians on social media specifically President Morgan Tsvangirai but are too fearful to do so. I however decided to do you a favor  and get the message on how really most Zimbabweans think of you, people don’t like the way you go about talking of other political opponent on social media, They are quiet about it not that they respect you nor like it.

No one respects you Psychology all because of the way you conduct yourself as politician, you are your own worst enemy instead people can’t tell you because they fear you and the party you are associated to and that’s not how it should be when you are people’s politician. Judging by how many people who follow you on social media, those people expect positive uniting ideas and messages from you not deliberate insults and mocking of rival political figures in whatever comes out of your mouth and you write on social media, Yes we might argue that’s how politics is but I think as many Zimbabweans sometimes you go too far. The personal claims you make towards Tsvangirai on social media at times we tend to believe it’s not political but individual grudge you have against him which we don’t know, we would love you tell every Zimbabweans why you hate this man so much, It’s your right to have grudges with whoever you choose but with your position in Zimbabweans politics why make it so public and obvious? You may think you are causing Tsvangirai pain but NO you are actually damaging your own political image, you have shown us how shallow minded a politician you are, you want  gain merit from your superiors by insulting and invading other people’s privacy. It is not the right way to seek political promotion and limelight, political greatness should be achieved in a ethical manner and if you do so you will see all those people who follow you on social media won’t bother use ghost names.

When you started off we all looked up to you as young man with lots to Zimbabwean politics, we thought you will be the foundation of the new era of promoting modern politics in our country, whereby as politicians despite having different political views can sit together have a cup of coffee laugh, but you seem to have lost ground of who really you were and represented to Zimbabwean youth, and  now has followed the philosophy of the old-guards in your party who believe an opposition politician is an enemy not an opponent. We thought you were a smart guy Psychology but now most of us are realizing you are less than average politician who wants use iron-age strategies to earn a status in your party. Deliberately using other people’s private lives for political score is not something that most Zimbabweans appreciate. We might be politics but they should be where we draw the line as such, we know politics is dirty but these days it’s no longer the case, we are a new generation that should respect one another’s opinions not enemies who should kill each other for politics or insult one another’s families.

What do Zimbabweans in general benefit from me and you or whoever exchanging insults? Nothing other than wasting their time and resources.

I really hope you will view politics in a bit different way from currently what you does, If you still want to impress a few in your party that you are really committed to ZANU-PF, show it by working hard uniting Zimbabweans and promoting modern politics based on the principles of democracy and most importantly be the role-model for new generation of current and upcoming politicians of our generation that politics should be conducted and practiced in fair and democratic manner.

You might be ZANU-PF I might be MDC-99 or whatsoever but the baseline is we are firstly human-beings; secondly Zimbabweans and thirdly politicians, so you can’t rule out that you might tomorrow work hand in hand with an individual you are tarnishing the image of his family today for the good cause that might benefit Zimbabweans and how will you look each other in the eye?

You never know what life brings tomorrow; I have no doubt you know that very well considering you are today working with the party you so much hated.

Wishing you all the best in your political career


With respect

Ephraim Ntlamo

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Support The Monkey and The Elephant campaign

The MMWhen I was a young boy growing up in the village in Zimbabwe, I never imagined that I will one day find myself in the shelter or foster care facility but this became reality for me when I hopelessly left my country of origin and found myself homeless in South Africa.

I might have been homeless but still had big dreams to achieve. I was taken care of, loved in my new surrounding, my life normalized to that of any other kid, I attended school my confidence grew that I was capable of achieving my goals just like any other child. And fared well in everything I put mind to, my mind was clear of obstacles as the burden of having to deal with the problems on my own was lifted off my shoulders for the time being, until when I turned eighteen and ineligible to remain at the place that had afforded me refugee and hope and here I was on my own again.

ephraim-2 The most difficult part I can say is when you are on your own again thus when you found yourself to be where you were before you came into foster care but this time as an adult, at this stage there is lots of pressure of having to balance your life, achieving the goals you have set for yourself and come up ways support your well-being to avoid homelessness again in an environment were opportunities for such people as us are so limited. And this is the period most can’t handle the pressure and accept that they were born to be homeless, no one was born to be homeless the lack of opportunities for us when we turn eighteen is the main cause that lead us back to homelessness and despair.

Most of my pals I lived with in the shelter are today back on the street not because there are failures but believe the system failed them in a way that when someone turns eighteen is expected to look after himself or herself no matter at what stage of achieving their goal in life. We people from foster cares face lots of challenges after we have reached the age to leave the foster care homes. We have to find quick solutions to multiple problems leading to one abandon one or the other of their goals in life however without systematic structures to give support most of us find it difficult to find direction in life.

The work done by the Monkey and the elephant is very important to giving those out of foster care a purpose in life and the opportunity to learn a skill and feeling not alone in the new world of having to look after yourself and the challenges faced after post foster care life. We are brilliant people who if managed and offered an opportunity off the foster care facility can achieve the best in our lives I therefore argue all of you to contribute to this project so as to give renewed hope and purpose to be productive positive citizens of our communities. Without the support I got after I turned eighteen and left the foster care facility I would not have achieved what I have done so far, I would not be the productive member of my community I’m today, I would not be the leader I’m today, I would not be the hope I’m to others who are in my situation today, as I was few years ago.

With your support for The Monkey/ The Elephant project we can achieve together the end to this tendency were promising talents end up in  miserable situation of homelessness and directionless in life after they are out of  foster care facilities.


To support this initiative click on the link below


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Mugabe and his cabinet same old story


chinotimbaAs Robert Mugabe was being sworn in we all knew what to expect from this aged leader and his ministers poor service delivery. We always read about positive stories in the biased state run media but in reality its difficult to imagine how Zimbabweans are still exposed to difficulties in their lives.

In many areas our people are still fetching drinking water from contaminated rivers of which they share with animals. The conditions at our schools are far from good so the future of our children is ruined. I wonder if Mugabe’s ministers are aware at all of problems faced by our people, And if they do what had they done or will do to fix the situation? A leader is at his best when he or she gives people what he promised them before he came to power and Zanu-PF leadership seem not to care at all perhaps for the reason that they were not chosen by the people but a manipulated electorate system. The role of a leader is always to display a winning attitude; a true leader knows people are not going to be happy of lies and empty promises. Some officials fail us and they know that, then why don’t you come out and tell us as we are the ones who put you in power? instead you threaten us when we seek answers and hold you accountable, very unfair .

If you tell us what caused you fail our wounds will healer and we maybe find it at heart to forgive you and give you another chance. In 2018 we are headed for polls again and you expect us vote for you if nothing is done to improve our lives?We will ask you what happened to all the promises. Leaders who are voted into power don’t win the contract to do nothing. People put a lot of trust into you so act and deliver this time to give Mugabe a dignified exit from politics.

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Why i’m seen as threat


What’s so special about me? I’m from Binga. Thus one question many people ask themselves about me but does being from Binga really makes one special? No I doubt, so why I’m?

1278011_659243494085794_458496940_oThis is what you didn’t know about me, I’m a fearless warrior who can’t be easily silenced I was born a leader and someone born a leader is fearless. Binga a massive land of people who had been looked down upon since Zimbabwe’s birth, its heart breaking that our people had been made to feel so inferior by Mugabe’s government that they today had given up on dreaming big as any other Zimbabwean.

Our people had been reduced to believe they are less capable and inferior to other tribes in Zimbabwe all because of Mugabe’s government unwillingness to engage our people in national programs and that had led to Tonga people accepting the treatment of second class citizens something I can’t accept as an individual and its something I’m ready to fight against as an individual.

I’m young and ready to break the tendency of accepting inferiority, we need to tell Mugabe that what he can do we are capable also at times even can do better than him. We Tonga people have to be brave and confront Mugabe on this issue, we can’t accept being remote controlled like toys we must develop a mentality of being our own masters, we must develop a mentality of asking why, silence won’t help our struggle to be respected and recognized as first class citizen of Zimbabwe.

This neglect of our people and sideling our people from national programs and development has done lots of damage to us, we were never as divided as we are today we no longer speak with one voice, to be accepted in society some of our brother who can’t stand the inferiority being promoted for by the government on us have denounced our tribe and taken up either Mugabe’s or the late Nkomo’s.

We might be a minority but we remain Zimbabweans and deserve the share of the gains of our country’s independence just like everybody else. Binga is wayward and poorly developed in all sectors of its economy because our leadership since independence are scared to point out real issues affecting our people when afforded an opportunity in parliament, we mustn’t be fooled by Mugabe praising us as laid back peaceful patient people what will such gain us? Let’s press him to avail resources that will improve our lives, be praised of having properly run hospitals, schools and road network that will make travelling easier. I’m here to change the attitude of those who think our existence is ever waiting, our fathers waited the whole of their lives but no real development came by and we can’t also wait the whole of lives we are in a better position to act against this injustice than our fathers were.

We do not have to be shy to make it known that our future is in our hands, we decided our future not our future decided in Harare, we decide our future from Binga and take up the proposal to Harare, not the proposal bought upon us from Harare, that we want end.

My effort to transforming Binga to self decision making district is not going unnoticed by enemies who are gaining large at the expense of our people also by political scouts from various parties who share the same vision as I that Tonga people should be treated as any other Zimbabwean not only our existence remembered at election time and forgotten about soon after. I know this a serious issue many people are scared raise but as long as it’s the reality on the ground I will do the masses a favor and say it loudly.

I have met influential Zimbabweans who seriously doubted I was from Binga all because people from Binga are regarded of low status and clueless. I’m from Binga but smart as any other Zimbabwean I have the potential and the qualities and many in Binga do to hold the higher post in the land and deliver with distinction. We are visionaries like any other Zimbabweans but sadly the governments starve us of opportunities to walk our dreams.

I, joined by many others won’t rest until we see the government of Zimbabwe respecting our people and including us in top national programs and set up we don’t want to be represented by aliens we want our people who understand us stand in for us.




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Surviving a second date

datingDating to the majority of men across the globe, has remained a spot on the landscape.  This means the word itself has modeled some serious complexities for me to explicitly air it out so that they can win ladies intimately. Only a few survive the blight of the world’s terrific entrances.

So it becomes embarrassing when one loves somebody but fails to say it. It becomes a problem when the two meet, They usually say nothing instead but only create some warm greetings spiced with awesome admiration.

Second dating manifests the greatest weakness of manhood.And many wonder why men with their val our and masculinity get themselves into second date. We have heard of number of very strong men being victims of domestic violence, but are well known for bullying in bars or other joints. Some men in these joints are well known culprits who have acquired for themselves good names streaming mainly from their fighting antics and strength. But they are in return the same people making news when it comes to  the issues involving women, Anyway these are issues for other days;  The focus is how man can survive second dates.

Once bitten twice shy could be the case when it comes to dating for the second time. Are you a great date? Besides being a bundle of nerves before meeting your date, one also has to worry about whether you are boring or brilliant company.

” It is time to stop being too demanding and enjoy your dates, otherwise no one will ask you out.

It can be highly frustrating when your partner has no clue why you are upset or get your point of view,” However first dates are famous for reducing us to nervous wrecks but the question on everyone’s lips is why do so many of us find it a case of second time unlucky.

Everyone knows about first date nerves, but it is amazing the number of times a first encounter goes off with a bang, maybe, maybe after cup of caffeine or wine to clam your nerves you are bothered or eager to impress and before you know it, you are laughing at each other’s stories, so much that you can’t breathe and amazed by how much you have in common.

So it comes as a shock on the second date, when you realize the stakes are higher  and you are so worried and ruining things, you can’t relax.

Before you go on a second date be confident and guaranteed of what you want. Because first established that you get on. It can be easy to assume that the second will tell you whether you want to be an iterm.

Correct first your mistakes and then you can jump on the second date.

( Don’t take me seriously, I was just testing my brain to see if I’m still creative)

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