Are western NGO’s doing it the right way?


Are western ” non governmental organisations” (NGO’s) really doing what they are expected to be doing for Africa ?

Please sit back and prepare to challenge my opnion. What ever you thought about Africa, think again. One can’t ran from the naked fact that Africa is a troubled continent, devastated by civil wars, poverty and HIV/Aids. The good news is having all these obstacles doesn’t mean there is no hope for Africa. Let me put it in this way: we Africans are very forntunaty, we must appreciate the truth that we are not climbing the huge mountain to success alone. Our international friends [ countries ] are helping us to pull ourselves out this distress times. But the question is: are Western agencies as a helping hand apprecciated by masses of Africans pulling us into the right direction?

Here is what i suggest: It is very clear that Western NGO’s are doing a very great job for the ordinary people of Africa, but the question mark is: are our Arican politicians as happy as ordinary Africans with this great work being done by Western agencies? The answer is clearly not at all. Why do I say this? because NGO’s are involving themselves a lot on domestic political issues, but that’s not the reason behind African leaders feeling feverish of the work of NGO’s. Western NGO’s together with their media fail to balance things, let me give you these examples: Amnesty international, Human rights watch and International federation for human rights. These organisations claim to be the paragons of objectctivety and balanced human rights defenders, but the fact is these organisations don’t lead by example. For instance Amnesty international recently campagned for the international arrest of Sudanese president Omar -al Bashir, the move which i personal believed was right for Africa, but in my eyes the African union was underrated, because I think it was a decission the African union was suppossed to make, not Amnesty International.

If we were to look at things more closely, Western Agencies talk about being against African presidents entrenching themselves in power, but in what ways? These Western organisations talk about Robert Mugabe having stayed too long in power for his 29 years at helm. The fun part is you will never hear these Human rights organisations and Western media pointing an accusing finger at Gabon’s Omar Bongo ‘s 41 years in power. Bongo just like Mugabe went to sleep whenever he wanted to, while his people wallowed in abjective poverty. Then believe it or not, France, the United states and the UK support Gabon, Cameroon, Equitoria Guinea /Guinea-Bissau …all these countries have poor human rights records, but nothing is being said about this by Western agencies.

I predict that if the Western agencies (NGO’s) go on with this habbit of not acting fairly on certain matters, there will be a big fall out in a near future between the agencies and African governments. To make my words more clear: Western agencies will be unwanted or restricted in a near future, because African leaders and some individuals are starting to believe that NGO’s just act as propagandanists for Western Governments to overthrow certain African leaders.

photograph under the creative commons by Julien Harneis


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