When I spoke about my intentions to walk for about 200km over the festive season most of the people closer to me were not comfortable about it, Just the same as when I spoke about my intentions to leave my village of birth for South- Africa, Back home the whole village was very concerned, but no one was as concerned as my mother, and here it was Fre-rieke my Dutch sister.

December 24th

I wake up at 7am, went to brush my teeth, Made a cup of coffee, The aim was to make as many cups as I can because I knew I was going to miss it for days,

09:00am – I started preparing myself fear intense, thinking maybe I’m going to die, why everybody is saying its dangerous you might collapse and die boy on the way, Oh no when I was leaving home some people told me most people were perishing by the border post illegal trying to cross to South- Africa, Right I told myself I will make it and be among those few servers and here I’m today.

In my culture you never take a shower or bath on the day of resuming such a big journey, I started to study the directions of  where I was heading to, I did the same when leaving Zimbabwe, Oh God this time they was nothing special to pack in my back bag, unlike when I left Zimbabwe my back bag was packed with piles of worthless Zimbabwean dollars.

10:00am- Tied the jacket around my waist, the bag tightly plugged by my back, At this stage Fre-rieke looked more worried, My mother looked more worried the same when I was about to step the inside of the border to border heavy duty truck, but this time they was no truck the truck that made Fre-rieke unsettled was me stepping the out of the door.

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On these types of journeys like going to a country illegal you never promise when you will be back home instead you just say I will back soon and pretend everything will be cool when in fact you know life will be hell!

DAY 1, 24/12/2009 : SEA-POINT – FISH-HOEK

15:20pm – Arrive at Fish-Hoek beach went and sat by the beach

19:05 pm – Now that everyone at the beach starts vanishing to their respective homes, me too had to start looking for the spot to call home of that night.

24:59pm – I found a spot to call home for the night at train station, the spot was good for a desperate child-migrant but the wind that day was strong making it very difficult for me take nip, At 01;35 the security guards discovered me,and demanded I leave the place or they call the cops to lock me up, After carefully explaining the situation to them, they finally allowed me to sleep at one of the benches at the station. But the deal was that I had vacate the 04-30 am

Summary of day 1

Day 1 of walking on behalf of Zimbabwean children: The walk was enjoyable Cape town people were friendly but got no food, I missed wild fruits I consumed on my journey to South- Africa, The school shoes I wore were starting to give me a hard time but the pain they caused was on me was far much better than the school shoe I used on my walk from Zim to SA.

Day 1 of my walk from Zim to SA : It was much tougher the walking pace was very high, The bushes were thick and they was no time to smile or joke, Food- wise it was all about wild fruits.

DAY 2, 25-12-2009 : FISH-HOEK – KOMMJIE

04;35am – As agreed with the guards I had to wake up early, besides that when you are a homeless child-migrant you try to wake up as early as you can, to avoid people seeing your base and knowing that you are desperate , also seating on the same spot early in the morning and in the evening makes people easily figure out your situation, not to be on the same spot I headed for Simon’s Town

04:50am- I was by the shell garage were I lost my merry Christmas hat, I was sad as it was a Christmas present from Fre-rieke but at-least I found my water bottle.

06:15pm – Arrived at Simon’s town beach I seat a bit but I did not like the place, why because it was Christmas therefore I did not want to be caught up at a place where they will be plenty of people. The more people the easier to be picked up that you are a stranger, Therefore when you are child-migrant you try by all means to avoid such places.

07:00am – Walking back to Fish-Hoek

08:10am – Entering the St Johns catholic church premises for Christmas prayer service

08:30am – The prayer service gathering ends, I immediately resumed my journey to Kommjie

10:25am – I run out of water, and full-filled my water bottles at Ocean -View police station

10:43am – Arrive in Kommjie and hunger is at its peak, started searching for to be my break fast of the day at bakery Bistro. Here is what I did I stood in the queue as if I wanted to purchase something, When my turn came by I asked the lady if the bakery have any food they are not selling, what type of food she ”Asked, Anything available I replied, She looked shocked, So they is nothing ”She said, I replied OK thank you very much madam, In reality I knew that every single bakery must have something broken or not baked very well to sell, Everyone in the bakery starred at me as I went out. The search for break fast continues,

10:57am -Now at kommjie Superitte, not very far from the bakery, I once again used the same technique I used at bakery Bistro. The only difference was that now I wanted to be the last man on the queue I thought that might increase the chances of me getting a bit, they were already few people in the queue so I was the last man with only three people left before its my turn two people joined the queue, I went out of the queue and gave them a go ahead first and went at the back again hoping that I will know be the last man and another two people joined the queue and I gave up and kept my place just like that , when my turn came, How are you sister, I’m good and you? She asked I’m good as well I do not have any money if you have any extra food the shop is not selling I will appreciate it, Oh my dear sorry there is nothing, When I was about to say thank you very much madam. She starred at me let me check over there” she said. Oh God she forked out her own money and bought me a flesh pie, Thank you very much I said her name is Nina as I went out one of the customers shouted its good to ask than to steal ,Yeah man I replied

– I went to the nearest beach- front to enjoy my Christmas meal a pie,After finishing the pie I was feeling a bit sleepy but the rule of a illegal immigrant says ”Never sleep or relax before you get another meal, means search for another meal lunch, or super while you are still full otherwise start searching for a meal when feeling hungry can be disastrous,In other words they is no guarantee that when you look for lunch you will get it, In some cases one can expect to get the meal in two hours time and only get it the next day!

    13-22pm – Sometimes rules are there to be broken I slept and I was waken up by a call from Trine the call was about motivating me to stay strong and drink lots of water, Immediately after she dropped the phone I started moving hunting to be my lunch of the day

13-26pm – Received a call from Fre-rieke, also a motivating one she spoke mostly about the importance of me drinking lots of water and putting on a hat when walking, she was still worried I could here her voice.

-In other parts of Africa accommodation for the night is the last worry to worry about but here it’s a different story the problem is that here in South-Africa people do not trust each other like in other parts of Africa and I understand why? Crime is the cause!

14:54pm- I approached family house near the Kommjie boat launching place, They did not even want me to touch their gate, it was no even before I could say what I came to look for,

15:10pm- I went to this house not far from the previous house, here they was a big gig, asked for food they told me no food here my friend ”go; go ”and look somewhere else, Instead of going somewhere else I decided to take a rest by the stones near the house watching some waves and beauty of the sea, soon after they started collecting left overs emptying them in a black bag, they saw me that I was seated there and they knew that that person over there was here asking for food. The black bag is then transferred to the bin outside, In clear of view of them I went there to check what was inside there, they was slightly broken bread rolls and pieces of chicken, salads some still packed into their original containers. Right the eyes of these people were on me they seemed to be very shocked when they saw me not taking anything out of there, They thought I was going to take the food from there ” no how” I went back to the stone, with no time gone by a young man came by and collected all the that food in the bin for himself . I questioned my self why people are this? Answer it for me please !

    – I think that if each person in this world can put themselves in such desperate situation and experience for a day or less , I promise you this world can change for the best, Most people then can I appreciate what God had given and will then learn to use what ever resource carefully. The search for lunch continues !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19:48pm- I got what was supposed to had been lunch a burger from a family that stays at flat number 5 not sure about the street name, Now the search for lunch continues but they was a very slim chance of me getting it.

    21;05pm -I have given up long about getting the third meal of the day, Today unlike yesterday I found a sleeping spot quickly, In the public toilet of the wheel chair bond people at Long beach.

Summary for 25-12-2009

The day was fair but disappointing that the people of Kommjie were not so friendly even when you greet them they hardly respond back, I expected people to be friendly on Christmas day but not in Kommjie. They was no big difference from my walk from Zimbabwe to South- Africa. The only difference I picked was that Nina the cashier at Kommjie Superrete bought me a pie, This can never happen in towns near the Zimbabwe, South-Africa border ( Limpopo province) Instead she could had called the police to rush in and arrest me. lastly I was very impressed with the food I ate on this Christmas ,On my last Christmas in Zimbabwe in 2007 we eat absolutely nothing,


05:30am – Waked up from the toilet of the disabled I had a good sleep than the previous night, The toilet was clean it seemed as if its not used regularly.

05:35am- The walk to Scarborough starts, oh lord I just wake up and washed my face, I did not brush my teeth

07;15 am – Arrived at what I thought to be Scarborough because it seemed to early I decided to take a nip a bit and start searching for break- fast at around 9, I slept for about 30 minutes and felt like taking a quick swim but the water was very cold me to take my first bath since I left. The village was very sleepy a ” child- migrant” could had easily passed. I felt like taking a quick sleep in the sun besides the signpost written ”Mist Cliff I had no idea I was not yet in arrived in Scarborough, I realized I was not in Scarborough after I went to ask for a pen at a parked mini bus. The people there gave me the pen and asked me where I was up to. When I told them I was just coming here in Scarborough they looked at each other and busted into laugher” This is not Scarborough its Mist Cliff , Scarborough is around corner, They also warned me of fog that usually occurs there . The time was 10-14am I quickly left the place.

10:50am – Arrive in Scarborough the people here were even worse than those in Kommjie, Everyone here expect you to communicate in Afrikaans, The place looked like it had been hit by the economic recession twice comparing it to other place. I did see myself lasting longer there but the kite surfers impressed me that I keep on telling my self I will move after an hour or so. Fre-rieke also promised to meet me there around 13-00hrs so they was no way I could had moved out the area because I was only open to communicate on my mobile at 13-00 to 13-30 and 21-00 to 21-30 each day

14:05pm – Resume the journey to Simon’s Tow, about 15 minutes of walking it started raining suddenly from no way I saw houses in front of me, I rushed their to ask for shelter, They allowed me to sit by the veranda, while I sat there waiting for the rain to clear the lady came out with 4 slices of bread and a drink, The rain cleared while before I finished the first slice, I now I was ready to move on but the family there was very religious I ended being there for an hour, They preached the gospel for me we spoke about life as well, the mother told me of how life was during the apartheid and how she opposed the idea of her two son going to serve in the military, Original the family belongs to Watch Tower or Jehovah’s Witness (Shelly’s family)

16:25pm – Walking past by Red cliff informal settlement, Three very drunk guys tried to rob me. I had no fear of them I could had easily overpowered them, but the problem was that if I tried to defend my self then the cops in case pass by and saw what was taking place they could had easily thought,I was trying to rob those guys because of the way they were drunk. I pretend I was I had weapon in my pocket and passed though them.

17:00 pm– Arrived junction to Just Canine’ grave, Near by there a family was crashing pine balls, and I joined them I went and picked mines and they showed me how to crash them and they were nice I liked the pine balls though it was my first time to taste them. The father of the family told me the family usual spend holidays there because they were born there and grow up there pointing to the direction of a house that looks to be almost a century old, I asked for permission to inspect the state of the house, and they gave me the go ahead. I was happy to see to know the history of the place and house its self maybe its gonna be museum one day never know! Lastly we all seat under the tree and its when I started to ask questions about how the apartheid government treated them when staying at such a place, The father of the family had worked in the navy for 30 years .It was a great experience to hear their story

18:40pm– Arrive in Simon’s Town and went to a shop called ” Whats Your Flavor” . The shop keeper who gave his name as Mohamed, realized me from a Cape -Argus article and I got my super of the day 2 rolls and 2 eggs , Good lucky man I like what you are doing ”He said. But I was very worried about the next day as I was supposed to head to Cape-Point were they was less people or no shop at all so I had to make sure I had enough water and food I went at the Simon’s Town beach were I enjoyed my super one roll one egg and the other I reserved for the next day

19:51pm– I decided to leave for either Fish -Hoek or Muizenburg after I just thought that the National parks Authorities won’t let me into the park without paying the required entrance fee. Heading to Somerset West the next day was now the only option available but walking to Fish- Hoek was to prove disastrous because of the blister on my right foot

21:07pm- Received a call from Fre- rieke she was asked were was and if was alright, I told her I was near Fish- Hoek and that I was going to sleep there but I did disclosed my intentions to head for Somerset West the next morning, You must not walk during the night alright ”She said before she hang up the phone

21:19pm – Received a call from Trine she also asked were about I was I told her I was now in Fish- Hoek but never disclosed my intentions of going to Somerset West to her as well.

21:30 pm– Arrived in Fish- Hoek and went to the 24hour BP garage. I asked the fuel attendant if I can sit by the bench out side. My friend you can sit as long as you wish here ”He said I immediately dosed off by the bench but hated the fact that people were starring at me all the time and the place was a bit noise as well.

01:25am -After sitting at the garage for such long hours my back was starting to crack, I decided to walk to Fish- Hoek police station to take a rest by the benches there, This is the decision I could had not taken on my journey to South- Africa as the cops could had demanded the documents legalizing me to be in South- Africa. Even here they demanded a passport or any any document that proved that I was legal in South- Africa and I did not possess it with, I was nearly locked

Summary for 26 /12/ 2009

The day was well balanced and the route was beautiful. The only difference I picked up from this walk and that from Zimbabwe to South- Africa we run for ambush when ever a white vehicle approached us,thinking its a police van. I wonder how many times I could had ran for ambush here if it was in Limpopo province probable a thousand times as they was plenty police vans patrolling.


05:10am – Left Fish- Hoek police station for Somerset-West

09;35am -Arrive at Blue Waters refugee camp in Strandfortien. The security guards denied me entrance I begged them , Final they allowed me but on conditions that I need not to spend more than half an hour. I moved tent by tent greeting people there some responded in a good mood some in angry mood .They is this lady in camp when I approached her tent she just turned me ” Zimbabweans stays over there pointing towards rusting tents ”She said. I did not come to see only Zimbabweans I came to visit everyone in this camp. But she insisted I pass by, I went to the tent were she ordered me go. I knocked on the door made up of card boxes I think I knocked three times before young girl in her 12s was ordered to open the door. We exchanged greetings and I immediately introduced myself and what I was doing , OK come in I sat on plastic chair but still they did not trust me, for them to trust me I had to show them a article about me from the Cape- Argus newspaper and I did that, Thus when the real conservation started, They told me about how their son was brutally killed by the Zimbabwean intelligence agents and they also they shared about how life was difficult in the camp. But when ever they told their story they repeatedly said Maybe you are a intelligence agent too working for Mugabe, One of their daughter with a diploma in Business studies kept on cooling them down that I was not, They made me a nice break -fast but before I left I asked them if they could go back to the informal settlement they lived in before the Xenophobic attacks, They told me no how they lived before the attacks in May 2008 ”My son we had everything naming few television, fridges but look now we have nothing here. For us staying here is much safer than going back there in that community they said. I promised to visit them again one day. As I left they pledged to not write about them and I also promised not to thus why I did not mention there names.

17:20pm – Arrived in Frigrove a gentlemen by the name Yusuf stopped me, Sorry man I think I show something about you in the Argus new-paper are you the boy walking a 200km ? He asked

Hmmmmmm yes its me ”I replied, I want to introduce to you another Malawians suddenly I was surrounded by a group of more than a dozen people from Malawi Zimbabwe and Mozambique surrounded me as if I was celebrity,Some asked question why I walking such a long distance, Some shared their problems, One guy said we are paid very little money here in South- Africa his English was very bad but I got what he was trying to tell me, He was actually trying to say most employers exploits them by paying them so little and wanted me to take action about, Before I left one gentleman bought me cool-drink he handed the bottle over to me and said you our hero. And it now seemed as if this guy made other a bit jealous everyone was searching for loose coins in their pockets trying to hand them over to me, I told them I’m not taking any money from anyone but if you meet me tomorrow, day after and wish to buy me bread that will be cool.

20:35pm – Now in Somerset- West at one of the BP garage, I was exhausted and hungry I used my technique once again I stood in the queue as if I wanted to buy something, when my turn came I said to the cashier sister can you please buy me a half loaf of bread, I’m sorry my dear I do not have money, I really do not have. Then a lady in front who just purchased some few groceries which she was still packing into the plastic grabbed half loaf for me, Thank you very much ”I said. No problem She said. Then I went to sit outside by the barrier were I started eating my super of the day but I knew I was in trouble with the security guard who saw me asking for food with no time passed by he confronted me and he ordered me to vacant the premises, Why do you want me to leave? I asked, My friend you can’t sit here”Said , But why give me the reason why ”I replied, My boss do not want to see people sited here ”He said. Who is the boss are you talking about? The owner of the garage or the security company? I asked. Both of them ”He replied. Not a big deal my brother I got what you said but what about that guy sited over there?( A white guy enjoying a bar of a chocolate) ”I said. My friend this is what I’m saying You must leave. I could here the accent the guy was from Zimbabwe. When I spoke to him in Shona he seemed shocked thus when I told him what I was doing. I’m sorry my brother I did mean to chase you away ”He said. Its cool my brother its your job no problem about that ”I replied We discussed Zimbabwean politics a bit before I left.

22;04pm – Arrive at Somerset police station, asked the officer if I can sit there till morning yes you can, then followed few questions like Where are you from? , What are doing here in Somerset? Around 2300hrs a officer whom they call Mrs Phillips bought me a plate of rice and a can of Coca-Cola, What made the meal so special was that it was my first warm meal after some days.

Summary for 27/12/2009

The walk great and it was as hot as hell and the shoes gave me a very hard time,Now they were uncomfortable as those I used coming down to South -Africa, I never knew that the distance from Fish-Hoek to Somerset West was that long. Otherwise they was no big difference from my walk from Zimbabwe, On my walk from Zimbabwe I feared begin arrested here I feared be hit by cars the road was very busy. Another difference is that here Malawians, Zimbabweans, Mozambicans praised me for what I’m standing for but if it in border towns probably the same people could had accused me of increasing the number of illegal migrants in the area and could had demanded me to leave the area as soon as possible.


05-03 am – I departed the police station for Strand,

07:40am- Arrived at Strand beach I sat there reading the Daily sun news paper, I thought of taking a swim but the weather was not stable and the beach was very dirty with broken bottles, So I decided not to..

11;00 am – On way to Gordon’s Bay, I was now feeling hungry, I went into a tuck shop named Adam and son’s there I asked for food, The man there told me to find work instead, I told him I’m trying to but jobs are very scarce these days he agreed with me that jobs are scarce, He gave me an apple.

11;17am – Came across a group of Zimbabweans waiting to picked up for casual jobs along the Gordon’s bay- Strand road. There I sat with them we started discussing Zim politics, At the start I did not tell them what I was up to most of them thought I just came from Zimbabwe. When I was to leave I told them what I was doing, All of them said we support you 100% .They all took my mobile number and promised to phone me, I told them not to phone me but to sms me as my phone was off most of the time.

12:55pm- Went to Fish and chips a shop at Gordon’s bay mall, and I was unsuccessful to get a meal. I went to the next shop were I asked to full-fill my water bottles. After that I went and sat by the benches next to the shop, I asked a gentlemen sited there to how long was it from Gordon’s bay to Betty’s bay. Betty’s bay is very far. But you can find lefts at the junction not far from here”He said No I’m not talking any lifts I’m walking, Walking to Betty’s bay ? He asked , Yes I replied. My brother do you know how dangerous it is, Where are you from ? He asked. I’m from Zimbabwe I replied I have a friend from Zimbabwe working in Spar come and speak to him about how dangerous it is. We went inside the shop I meet the guy from Zimbabwe we greeted each other, And this guy explained to the Zimbabwean guy my intentions of walking to Betty’s bay. It s very dangerous they both warned me that I must not board any lifts especially if its a group of white guys, They will beat you up even kill just because you are black, Even colourds too can do that and he was colourds himself, Thank you very guys I said I knew they was nothing like that people always make up stories, I knew this from the experience coming to South- Africa we were told this and that even that white farmers have the right to kill and they can not go to prison for that.

15:16pm -Arrive at Cool Bay campsite, Spoke to the car guard about the area, the old man was friendly he told me he been guarding cars there for more 12 year by now, He travels back to Strand every evening. But some evening he sleeps over there, I also asked him how much he makes a day he said on a good day like Christmas and New- Year he can make nearly a thousand but during normal days not more than R100. I joked with him that he did not have competition on his job and I was coming to competite with him, He laughed before he said I know its a joke.

17:12pm – Near Beyer’s Kloof I ran out of water and I asked for some at few parked cars, Unfortunately non of them had water But Niki and family original from Tokai Community church gave me some orange juice, peanuts , and banana’s( The first meal of the day) They asked me to were I was heading to I told them I was coming to Bitty- Bay, Pointing at Beyer’s Kloof , They told me Bitty’s Bay was beyond the mountain about 16 km to where we were. We had a prayer together before I continued but time was no longer on my side, the shoes were more than uncomfortable but had to push myself till I reached the destination

19:30pm- Arrive at Bitty’s Bay I had no idea it was that far from Gordon’s bay but I was happy that I final arrived there, The shoes were causing more trouble now the protective shins in side were broken into pieces and my feet was exposed to rubbers, I was total pissed of I had 3days left and the shoes were in that condition, But If you brave those type of journey’s you will be ready to tackle any problem that arises. I had a idea to replace the broken protective shins, I teared old magazines into the shape of my feet and inserted them inside all went well.

20:03pm- Walking around trying to find a spot to sleep, unfortunately here they was no police station The police station was in Kleinmond which means I had to make another plan to find a spot to rest, after a bit of strolling I discovered the police of Bitty’s bay was a security company named Water Energy I went to their station and asked them that I was looking for a place to sit and rest till morning, The stuff there we so friendly I never expected security guards to be that friendly,They told me to wait till all shops are closed then I can go and sleep there.

– I sat at a nearby BP garage waiting for the shops to close, In this town everything closes. I expected the garage to be a 24hour but I wasn’t also the weather was becoming bad could I had walked Kleinmond I was going to be in for it

21:00 Shops are closed and I found my base for the night at the shop, The spot seemed to be less safe but had no choice but to sleep there anyhow, The weather was also bad the wind was blowing the sand on me, But the rain was my biggest enemy on the journey and it was promising to rain, reminding me that if I could had walked had past Betty’s Bay to Kleinmond I could had been in trouble..

21;09- It started to rain lightly, The owner of the restaurant called ” Betty’s -Bay Boops Bistrooi” gave me a blanket I thanked him for that, and told him I will leave the blanket on the spot the next morning. OK thus fine he Said

Summary for 28/12/2009

The walk was cool, And also the beauty of the road along the mountains was memorable one I enjoyed it so much that the pain my shoes caused went away for a bit, They was nothing to compare this semi paradise to the walk from Zimbabwe, the only similarity to the walk from Zimbabwe was when I saw grape farms just after Beyers Kloof they reminded me of the hard labour we faced in ”Limpopo’s” farms


04;30 am – Wake up from my base, and started the walk the shoes were now causing big trouble, I could hardly move I laid more card boxes inside and the idea worked for at-least 10km before I had to replace the older one

07;50am- Arrived at Hanklip Light house, they was nothing much to do or interesting besides the light house

08;10am- Left Hanklip for Bayers-Kloof, the sun was already hot, so I had to take it easy

11;42am – Arrived at Bayers-Kloof the place was very quiet making it impossible for me to find break fast, but I had some good super the night before and that made it possible for me to spend the whole day without taking any meal.

14:15pm – Oh God not yet found a meal for the day but that was not the main problem the main issue was that I have not taken a bath for about 6 days, Honestly I could felt my body need an emergency bath and Cool-baai was the ideal place to do that, when I arrived there police helicopter were searching for bodies of two boys just drowned, A illegal parking marshal told me 4 people have drowned in just one week and that news made me very scared to take a swim which was to be my official bath after six days. I also had plans to spend a night there but after this bad news about the place I had change my plan and move on up to Gordon’s – Bay.

16-32pm- Having a rest about 5km outside Gordon’s Bay, For the first time a police van pulls over, and a officer asked why I sat there, I explained to them what I was up to. They understood my explanation and told me they were a bit suspicious as they saw me the day before going the Bitty’s- Bay direction and today going the Gordon ‘s bay direction, I was running out of water, I asked them for water but unfortunately they had non. But offered to give me a lift to Gordon’s -Bay, I turned the offer down and they warned me not faint of thirstiness!!!!

17-53pm- Already arrived in Gordon’s -Bay and hunger is at it’s peak and I do not know where to start looking for something eat, I promised myself to take a bath or a swim on this day and Gordon’s bay was the right place to do so but hey they were lots of people there and I was very ashamed to remove my stinking shoes, Soon I was on my way to Strand, Unexpectedly a car parked next to a Caltex gas station hooted, Do you want fish and chips ? ”She asked Yes madam I replied and she handed the food over to me !!!! I guess this lady saw how dirty and exhausted I was and thought this boy will really appreciate this and I did. Her car registration is OUMA-WP

22:13- Arriving at a B.P garage in Somerset-West, I asked to fulfill my water bottle from a fuel attendant. I had his ascent and guessed he was Zimbabwean. And for sure he was Zimbabwean we discussed a bit about his job and Zimbabwe, he gave me few walking tips and some food but shoes were now hurting badly

22;57- Arrive at Somerset -West police station were I sat till the next morning

Summary 29-12-2009 Bitty’s bay to Somerset-West

The walk was fine but very similar to that from Zimbabwe to South- Africa the sun was hot, the only difference I picked up was that the cops stopped and questioned me but did not bother to ask for documentation, in Limpopo province how luck can you be not be asked to produce legal documents and also a local person giving me food in Limpopo it can rely happen

Day 7, 30-12-2009 Somerset- West to Belleville

05;10am – Depart Somerset- West police station looking forward to having my break- fast for the day somewhere in Faure area

08; 33am- Arrive at small village called Eersterivier the town seemed to be rough many many people were drank therefore I did not bother to look for food instead I thought of using the 2 rand I had in my pocket which I was not sure to how it landed into my pocket, well the coin saved the day I bought myself some home made fat cakes but the shoes I tell was now the biggest disaster I could hardly move at this stage even the idea of inserting the news paper was no long working in fact they were total broken but I had to keep on with them as I felt the same pain from the similar shoes when coming from Zimbabwe.

12;47pm – Arrived at Belleville station,




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  1. Mie

    really interesting reading – looking forward to follow your blog

  2. Joelle

    Oh my word Ephraim have loved reading about your adventure at Christmas! Did you walk home from Bellville?

    I think you are amazing (I keep telling you that don’t I?)

    Keep up the good fighting work! God will use you in a big way!


    • childmigranttalksafricanpolitics

      Yes Joelle I did it was such a wonderful walk, I enjoyed every moment of it there is one again this December but not walk I will tell you all about it soon:) God bless you

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