Co-educational schools better than single-sex

Co-educational schools are ” different” from one gender schools, so ”better” because of definition. Each in it’s own way is superior to the other, so let us examine the topic in this light.

There is little doubt that when teenger boys and girls mix, there is a great deal of destruction Julias is an example of a boy who fell into this pit with disasterous consequeses, He was a  top student in garde 11 who was expected to do his matric and then go on to university. His girlfriend, Helen was a slender, sweety and willing, she was also impatient,she got pregnant and instead of a comfortable future with her boy friend they now live on his father’s farm looking at the fields they have to plough and at animals he has to tend.

Clearly this situation would not arise to the same degree in one gender schools. The academic results of schools like Mandela secondary and St Klerk are far more better than many co-educational schools, however, it is too simplistic to give the credit to the separation of two sexes. Both schools, for example, have entrance exams, so the students are uniformly better to begin with and should do well, Also their fees are higher than government schools, so they tend too attract the children of the wealthier, more educated parents who can afford to buy their children books, dictionaries and proper equipment.

One of the most  important aspect to consider at this time is changing  role of women in the society. Traditionally the girls have grown to be mothers and nothing else. For the most part, under the colonial rule black girls were hardly considered worth educating but there was a need for civil servants class of men.

women proved themselves during the liberation struggles to be strong, capable  and essential to the cause, They have found their place is not only in home. The potential and need for educated, women in the newly emergent African society is enormous.

Single gender schools are notorious for fostering sexist attitudes; a perception that man must have a career and women must getmarried, The question of respecting s woman as potentila equal, is better served in co- educational schools.

At Refugee VI high school in 2008 three of the top four students were girls. when boys are able, on daily basis, to observe girls doing as well as better than themselves, then they are able to bury their predudices and move closer to accepting women as their equals. For this reason alone if for no other, co-educational schools are ”better”.  There are many points to be made in favour of single-sex schools. It is easier to equip these  schools, and to foster competitiveness in sports, thereby developing self confidence and self-reliance, as there are for co-educational, which offer a wider choice of subjects, However, the end one must make a decision about values, and if the promotion of women in society is  a valuable aim, then co-educational schools are in my opinion, doing the job.



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5 responses to “Co-educational schools better than single-sex

  1. Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing …

  2. Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing ? I usually don?t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful ?

  3. cleo

    Don’t think it’s just the black girls that weren’t considered worth educating. I went to an expensive private girls school in London. It had a small fraction of the number of facilities that were given to the boys. We had almost no sports facilities, our classrooms were all older and less well furnished, we didn’t have any of the fancy computers that could be found at the boys school. And still, as in Africa, us girls managed to acheive the best results in our final exams. It is because of that parents didn’t want their sons at mixed schools for concern that they would be shown up.

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