Life is a journey without a destination Part 1




March 2008 (16)

Left home Binga Zimbabwe without anything besides what I wore, they was no food at home, in the shops, no money to pay for my school fee’s. They was no hope at all.

March 2008

Illegally crossed the border into South Africa, stayed and worked at a farm (Limpopo  Province)  for about two weeks  under hash conditions working from 7am to 7pm for R10 each day . On the day we were supposed to be paid our wage, the farmer called in the police, no one thought twice we all fleed the farm without getting a single cent for our labour.

April 2008

Hiked on a heavy duty truck for Johannesburg, arrived and lived on street (Park Station) late went to the Central Methodist church. Out of fear of limitted movement because of the brutal police who hunt undocumented imigrants for bribes, I hiked on a truck once again this time I hoped to be reach any of the three destinations: Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth.

May 2008

Arrived in Cape Town lived on the street (under the Culemborg bridge ) This was the birth of Xenophobia month in South Africa, having had experienced and seen  the brutal side of hatred back home, life became so hard for me, I told myself Mugabe is doing this to us and now here the same is happening! NO HOPE, with the no food, no money, no school situation back home. the going back home idea was my least decision to make .

May 2008

After the intense hardships on the street and the increased Xenophobic attacks on foriegn nationals, I lost hope and thought of the unimaginable  to flee South Africa by  crossing  the Alantic / Mediterranean sea, How ? guess . It was a cold rainy Cape Town night  as I slept water  forced its way on my $1million dollar bed ( cardboard) from there I went to near gas station to see shelter (standing) but the guards chased away that’s when I told myself  hey the port is just few seconds away, one minute I was on way to the port, 5 minutes later I comfortable hid myself in one the ship’s remotest part . Four days passed on the fifth day I resurfaced from my hidding spot, the mistake I should not had made : the ship is going to San Fransco via Panama unfortunetly we can’t take you with because we are not yet in International waters said the Captain, he made things worse for me when he diclosed that if I could had have had hanged on for another 48hrs, I would definetly have had sailed with them all the way. after some time the National ports helicopter downed its resue ropes and safety belts were cliped around my waist and I wisked away:  The captain wished me good luck

August 2008

A decison was reached by the home affairs not to deport me , a refugee aslumy seeker permit was granted to me making me legal in the republic,I went back the bridge and I was thinking of going back to the habour that same night but something unexpected happened, church people from the Vine-yard church came the bridge to hand out food parcels and they persuded me  untill I agreed to go the Homestead shelter street children (District 6) It’s not a easy place when you are still new one need a lion’s heart.

October 2008

I felt settled and started writting my book “Robbed of the future” the book is aimed at explaining childhood and hopes I had as I grew up in Binga/ in this book I’m also explaining how Zimabwe’s children were affected by Mugabe’s politics ( In my opinion Zimbabwean children are the main victims of Mugabe’s abuse of power therefore there stories carries true reflections of what took place there) The idea behind starting writting was also to keep myself busy ( to forget thinking a lot about the ship / worrying about my family

Do not miss the part 2





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7 responses to “Life is a journey without a destination Part 1

  1. Ephraim, you seem far to much on mission for live not having a destination… or what do you think?

    • childmigranttalksafricanpolitics

      Hi Andre I did not mean to say that my life have no destination but I was putting it in way when I was from Zimbabwe. Life was without a destination but as for a have restructured my life and know what I want and what I want to achieve with the support I get from people like you Im certain it can happen but before they was not hope that’s why I titled the story life is a journey without destination. anywhere sorry for not e-mailing for some time now I had been busy trying to sort out my documentation. Will e-mail you

  2. cleo

    Nice Blog. I like the way you write the important points without using too many fluffy descriptive words, that really anoys me when I read novels – they go on forever and tell you nothing. I look forward to reading part 2

  3. Joelle

    Hey Ephraim.

    Wow! My heart almost stopped beating when I read you almost made it on the boat! I’m not sure if you regret that or not but I’m very glad you didn’t!! That was so close. You have accomplished so much since then.

    Love you

    • childmigranttalksafricanpolitics

      I was almost so close but God had other plans for me, here I’m now happy life is about having confidence and trust in yourself !! xx

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  5. Sheri

    Ephraim, God is especially fond of you. He intended you to be in Cape Town, at least for a while. And your title is truth: Life is a journey, not a destination. Of course you were trying to be somewhere safe, but you are on a mission to bring awareness to the children of your country and that journey will take you many places. Stay strong. Be safe.

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