What is Refugee VI ?

The Refugee VI foundation was founded recently in 2009 and was started by Ephraim Ntlamo, an 18-year-old Zimbabwean. Ephraim started the team with a mission to create a community among young refugees in South Africa, through sport. The organization organizes matches between Refugee VI and other teams in the area. The main goal of the Refugee VI Foundation is to improve the life standards of refugee children, reconnecting them with the fun side of life that many refugee children seldom experience, and build their self-esteem and condfidence. It is also a way for them to build friendships and connect through shared experiences. The team Refugee6 is named after the six nations that account for most of the refugee children in South Africa, including: Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Uganda, Mozambique and Somalia.

The foundation also tries to generate awareness about issues that affect refugees, such as xenophobia, HIV, drugs and crime. In response to the recent rumors of xenophobic threats and violence after the world cup, Refugee6 organized a ‘Kicking Out Xenophobia’ tournament that coincided with the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It took place in various venues in Cape Town and surrounding townships that have previously been hot spots of xenophobia and violence. The boys played matches against South African teams in an effort to create camaraderie between foreigners and locals in Cape Town. Pamphlets on xenophobia were passed around among the on-lookers in the various communities.  see for more info


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