Roots for breakfast, leaves for lunch, berries/barks for super

It’s a dry morning in Binga, Zimbabwe’s most hostile district, the skies are clear and blue there is no sign of rain in a week or so now, the only visible plants are struggling sparse crops already wilting, judging by the crop’s poor health it is clear they won’t be ready for haversting for a few months to come as expected by villagers. It will however be too late to save hundreds of thousands of starving Batonga people living far away from the might Zambezi river who are unable to grow subsistence crops and obtain one or two fish from the river, like Ephraim’s family who have already resorted on survining on roots, berries, leaves and bark of trees.

Despite the hunger cloud hanging above our us they was much hope that food suppy will flood the village once the aid N.G.O’s enter the area but my people’s refusal to be cow tow the ruling party lead by Mugabe was to disastrous for our humanity as a result the government denied N.G.O from operating in Binga
My sister became victim of the new diet we have adopted to for servival, she got poisoned by the wild roots and getting her to the hospital for life saving treatment was a huge struggle, as the road system was horrifying gaping, potholes festoon the road and gutwrenching corrugations pave the dirt road to the district centre were the only hosipital is, poor infrastructure prevents most trucks and buses from entering the area.

As my sister’s situation got out of hand a decision was to be made quickly by my mother to save her from further suffering, since they was only one ambulance for the population of 130 thousand people it was not a good idea to wait for the aged ambulance arrive as it could have had merely took a week for it to arrive
The option at hand was for my mother to carry my sister the whole way to the hosiptal which is 26 miles away from our village and this meant a huge gamble on my sister’s life. The best option however was to beg the neighbour who owned a bicycle to transport her to the hospital sitted on the cross bar. At the hospital the X- ray facility has been broken for months, so could they had been any operation needed it was going to be done virtually blind by one of the dedicated medical man working for monthly salary equivelent to four loafs of bread.
As my sister recovered from the hosipital I and my mother spent every walking hour searching for edible roots, leaves berries and the very bark of the tree’s that almost robbed me of a sister.



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