Peer- pressure, Love and Drugs

November 2005 at the age of 18 Shana, suddenly shocked her parents when she demanded them to allow her to pack her beloninings and go live somewhere else unknown to them. When her parents asked her to where she wished to go live and with whom? The answer they got from her was terrifying; She was to go live with a newly met teenager boy –friend notoriously popular among the community population for drug abuse and taking some other people’s properties without their authority.
Shana’s parents were powerless to prevent the situation at this stage since she was 18 and her decision according the South-African law couldn’t be challenged anyhow since was a adult. Shana used to be a little angel of the family, who always had respect for her parents, valued education like nothing else, abundant of achieving greater things in a near future, But because of one bad decision she made all this was water under the bridge. In a matter of time after she abandoned her family Shana became a headless, vision- less playgirl who couldn’t listen to anyone giving her contractive advice.
What was very upsetting and worrisome for her parents was that she was meant to be writing her all time important 11th grade final examinations in the following weeks.

Shana’s parent’s, despite suspecting the motives behind her departure were not so sure about the exact driving force of their daughter’s sudden change of behavior ranging from hatred of the family to disliking school, They kept guessing until one day: THE ROLL OF PEER-PRESSURE AND DRUGS IN OUR SOCIETY
All the drama started when Shana met a lovely young men whom she fell for with all her heart with no time gone by she committed herself to him, Little did the innocent young girl knew that the guy was a multiple drug addict who will rein her life, Up until one day one evening when the guy lured her to smoke a joint of cannabis with him. Shana not wanting to disappoint him agreed to pull few puffs and her journey to using illegal drugs kicked off.
In under a months time she was heavily addicted to cannabis and alcohol, the boyfriend aware of how this girl desperately love him, He furthered his evil his evil advances by introducing her to the highly addictive and hard to quit Barton’s, Madrax and ( Methamphetamine) famously known as Tik , within weeks they were a perfectly young addicted couple. And Shana’s life together with that of her family was shattered in just few weeks.
When I interview Shana she carefully explained to me how she used to have respect for her family, community and even the world but after the I met this guy whom I regret to have met at the first place all changed I lost the respect for my family and my community overnight ‘’Said Shana with tear rolling down !!
For the obvious reason many young people today feel family to be less important to social street groups, Shana to be accepted in her social group she had to participate in what the rest of the group was involved with. That’s why for me choosing the type of friends to mingle with these days is very important.
Shana told me the shocking reality that for many teenagers these days it had become fashion to use drugs with being drugged viewed as the most wonderfull thing in the world to them. I absolutely agreed with her these days we teenagers think we are much wiser and smarter than our seniors and that one mistake our generation is making, we will achieve very little if we stick to such mentality.

Shana surprisingly touched the very important topic, which I thought she was going to try avoid to discuss, the risks that comes with drugs. Most of the times when I used drugs I wouldn’t remember what took place afterwards, You can’t have control of yourself you simply just agree to anything without thinking twice, there is a very high chance of being raped and that’s contacting the HIV/AIDS virus. My biggest mistake was that I thought I was in control of the drugs not the drugs in control of my life but the fact I learnt is that once you start using drugs and you get addicted to them there is no how you can claim to be in control over them, If drugs had it’s policy it could be use me and get controlled by me.
If I could have had accepted I was not in control of my addiction problem way before I wouldn’t have had sadly turned my back at my parents when they tried to pull me out of the mess.
Shana came to realization of her drug problem when the boyfriend was arrested for thief and other serious crimes, The boyfriend’s paved the for her parents to reason with her and this became the long journey of young girl to recovery. After the entire gang responsible for supplying the drugs were put behind bars it became hard for Shana to access them and that’s when she went back to her parents home and seeked for forgiviness.
After days of shaking and discomfort she told herself she won’t use any drugs again in life time on earth :

Shana’s advice to other young people who might find themselves in the similar situation, First one need to be very carefully when choosing the type of friends to socialize with, secondly if you have problem with drugs do not hid it form your parents tell the truth so that they can help you out of the mess

Today Shana is living a happy drug free life and she attending a course at one of the leading colleges in her area.

(Shana’s story must be seen as a eye opener to all of us youth, could you wish to contact Shana directly do not hesiste to email me )


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