Bad memories of the past

My situation might have improved but healing will take a while. I just picked him up from the harbour. so glad he didn’t take that ship to Japan. Ephraim…what would you be doing there?

so tomorrow morning we’ll think about what to now and how to deal with this situation.

for now, I am glad to offer him my pink blanket, Edith’s shirt, Henks jacket, some nasi…
…just allowing him to be a 17 year young kid for an evening..

Ephraim and I were just talking about 2 great lessons we learned from this adventure:
1. be in communication. be open and straight. (i give him another chance, but if he ever keeps something like running away a secret for me, my friendship with him won’t be possible for me)
2. great ideas need great plans (a plan of execution…= NOT …trying to go on a ship without any water or food)

he got that.
now asleep..


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