Why churches no longer call for prayers these days?

Honestly , Zanu-PF is totally unimaginative to say the least. How can a political party that has experienced so much loss of popular support continue to hold onto the very individual who has caused it become a political leper throughout the country, if not the whole region and world?
How is it possible that none of the people in Zanu-PF can summon the courage to tell the 86- year –dictator that he has now became a serious liability to his political party? Is it possible that all the members of that crumbling party are so scared of Mugabe that they dare not tell him to his face that it is now time for him to retire from politics? No wonder, Margret Dongo once called all Zanu-PF members of parliament “Mugabe’s wives ‘’ .Perhaps the truth of the matter is that it is not really Mugabe that these people are afraid of. Rather, it is Morgan Tsvangirai, president of the M.D.C that they are petrified of. They know that without Mugabe Zanu-PF is incapable of producing any serious electoral candidate at the presidential level who can stand shoulder to shoulder against Tsvangirai and expect to win. That is very true as the results of the 2008 presidential race amply demonstrated. Indeed, it is strongly suspected that the published results had been heavily manipulated in order to give poor old Mugabe a respectable percentage vis-a’-vis what Tsvangirai had received.
In other words, Robert may have received much less than the 43% that was officially announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission at the time .
I’m confused that these days churches no longer call for prayer against the injustices in Zimbabwe, The problem is still there mass prayers must continue …………….


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