The power of love

God created us in His image, He did this because he loves us, He wants us to love everyone around us including our enemies. But it’s important for us to understand what love is first!
Love is a healer and a comforter, it shouldn’t bring back back memories. love is worth more than anything in this world, Gold, diamonds and pearls shouldn’t come first when true love prevails.
Love is universal it crosses mountains, sea and oceans. It knows no boundaries and it’s sets no limits.
Love brings about hope, peace and harmony it brings people from different races, religions and beliefs together, Love conquers all I’m glad I’m loved.



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3 responses to “The power of love

  1. Sheri

    Love is a gift we give ourselves. So often we we readily love others but find it difficult to be loved. But how can we truly love another if we DON’T love ourselves? It’s important to help build a child’s character by emphasizing how smart, good, beautiful, bright and wonderful they are. And even as adults we should speak kindly of others. We change the world when we lift each others’ spirits and as we recognize the goodness in others, we feel the goodness within ourselves. What the world needs now is love.

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