Kids and cell-phones

According to the statistics, our matric pass-rate has been declining since 2003 and most people put the blame on the education system for our kid’s poor results, but I have other suggestions, Mobile phones especially those which are Web enabled are playing a huge roll in disrupting the future of our kids.
It’s important that we look at this grave problem closely as parents and try getting the best out of it. Cell-phones as we all know, they are a very important technology that makes our families lives easier, on the other hand education is our future, so it’s up to us parents to choose what’s best for our kids. Education their future .Web enabled cell-phone brain contaminator
Parents must as well as they blame the education system blame their own kids to accept the share for the poor results outcome at the end of the day. How can a student pass when he/she is studying while ear-phones from a iPod are plugged into their ears or chatting on mixit ?
The fact is that most students are hooked on mixit, facebook and twitter and they spend most of their valuable time on these social networks instead of doing their school work.
Parents need to be aware of such problems such as being a addicted to social networking sites and try solve the problem by refraining from buying kids web enabled phones, until they finish high school. As such phones have more negatives that positives to kids, they enable kids to access adult materials, which contaminates their minds while they are still young.
I’m just glad that I was born and raised in a village were a cell-phone is luxury afforded by the rich, maybe if I was exposed to these technologies at a young age I wouldn’t be the young man I’m today.



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3 responses to “Kids and cell-phones

  1. I think you are right to call it an addiction. But the things are here to stay, so what are we to do? As my son was growing up, I always emphasized real-world experience, the old “get out there and play” thing, and I modeled it by getting out there and ….gardening, walking, etc. Today he is 21 and up-to-date with all the technological stuff, but he lives an active life where he often is very much unplugged. We have to keep raising children who are actively involved in life, not just in a respresentation of it on the 1-inch screen.

  2. I agree with theteachingwhore that “those things are here to stay” …suggestion…rather than focussing our intention on saying how bad those things are, let’s focus on how great they can be and stimulate learning. Have a look for example at Steve’s project –

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