Our hopeless continent

I’m totally disturbed by how our African leaders react when they are overthrown by an election, It have became a disease to them not to accept the outcome of the results of the election, denial to step down have became such a contagious disease that is spreading around the continent faster than the HIV virus
Look what’s happening to the Ivoirians – we all know what happened in Sudan, Congo, Zimbabwe and many other countries here in Africa. These so called presidents just want to cling to their seats even when they agree to stage an election; after-wards they hardly accept the results then what’s the use of holding elections at the first place when we already know that when one loses they won’t accept the people’s will, In Africa at the moment we hold election just to measure which party is best at rigging and who have the most qualified murders and rapists etc.
These so called revolutionists after each and every election change their tune when the results don’t favour them. The unfortunate scenario is that the people on the ground, the voters and ordinary citizens, suffer most. Some even die trying to protect the integrity of these greedy, heartless leaders who have no intentions of showing light to the citizens. Leaders like these have don’t care about human dignity, even if the same people voted them into leadership in the first place- all they care about is their high position and luxurious lives for their wives. They are blinded by greedy that even when people die every day, it doesn’t matter to them at all, it seems normal to them!
Our mother continent Africa, known for its sprite of Ubuntu, but that’s in the past because today we elect heartless leaders who never put people’s interest upfront. The solution to the problem is you, be careful who you vote for, you might be stuck with him or her for a long time – or forever.
I will never cast my vote to a leader who serves themselves; my vote goes to a political party dedicated to serving its people. Vote wise next time !!!!


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