My future and my challenges

It’s December 2010, hear I was finished with my exams excited of moving on the next grade the following year 2011, the year I like to describe as one foot into my life changing forever. Also they was something that made me so curious, It wasn’t visiting my family whom I have not seen for the past two years, It was a life time experience bicycle tour around Western Cape coastal Towns.
The preparation for the month long tour on road and living in the tent went smoothly up until its last day; it’s indeed one of those experiences I’m proud to have achieved at my age. And I will be sharing with you here on my blog each and every single km of the journey once my life stabilizes again.
So far 2010 had been a great year for me, I managed to enroll into one of the best schools in town, managed and ran a very successful project during the World Cup called (2010 Anti Xenophobia) project with my football team Refugee VI, most importantly I watched a couple of World cup games, my special thanks goes to all who made this possible.
As I was traveling during the month long trip I had been planning my life and aimed at 2011/2012 to outclass 2010 as my most successful year, However things turned out to be so hard for me as soon as the 2011/2012 season kick started. Everything from my school, accommodation, immigration documentation suddenly scrambled and my entire future was at a knife’s edge.
As I was about to be finished with my bicycle trip which I used to finish write the few remaining chapters of my book to be, I suddenly got a notification from my landlord that my lease agreement won’t be renewed and that someone had occupied the place, Not knowing where to go I was just desperate and confused and I also feared for the worst, I know how being in street is like. Anywhere lucky enough my football coach allowed me to use their lounge for few days.
Then I was up and down searching for the place and found one, the owner also was just one of those very kind people and allowed me to move into his premises without money at hand but because I was desperate and scared that school will resume without me having a place there is lots of things I did not consider when moving into the house including that the place was above my budget.
Just before I was thinking to be settled I received a official notification from my previous school that they were closing down and that they wouldn’t be any classes this year and that we have to find new schools since then I have been raining around searching, the problem is that not many public schools offers history as a subject and I really need history for my future career as human right lawyer, So I had to concentrate my high school search on colleges, however the drama seems to almost over as I just found one but just need to finalize things.
The school and accommodation battle might be reaching its ending but there is one that emerged last week and this one gives me sleepless nights as the whole of my future can be washed away. My refugee status claim had been reject and I was given 30 days to leave South Africa, I have however lunched a appeal. My main fear is that this process will make me lose valuable days at school; I have already lost almost two weeks now and can’t afford to lose any further days out of class, as this year is one of the crucial years for my future.
My other greatest fear is that what if my refugee appeal is rejected? Mean I will have to travel to Zimbabwe for a passport and apply for a student visa but where will I get all the money to travel there at the first place? But I’m hopeful that things will work out and that my life will be back to normal again soon.
I would also like to thank my sponsors and friends for being with me during these challenging times in my life. I do believe that nothing comes easy in life as long as we are still alive we will be entitled to such challenges, what’s important is us knowing how we deal with them. Whenever I’m facing such challenges I always remember where I came from to be where I’m today, despite all the challenges along the way. There no challenges that can make me give up on my dreams now that I’m almost there, I will do all my best even if it means death, just to protect my future and dreams.

Thank you



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3 responses to “My future and my challenges

  1. Its time to talk again I think..

    Keep well, love Anne

  2. Selena

    You sure do have the capacity with the written language. I drink in the distinction of your writing. Have you ever considered getting compensated for what you already love to do? I am bringing in a few extra dollars penning blogs and articles for some big named companies. They really need writers bad! I can truthfully state that you possess the aptitude.


    The scoop

    • childmigranttalksafricanpolitics

      Thanks for reading my blog Selena, I really have no idea of how i can get compensated for this, I would really appreciate any help and advice from you how to go around this.
      Looking forward to hearing back from you

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