Zimbabweans always make a plan!!!!

It’s February and there is talk of love as those who are in love and those who wish to be in love celebrate the St Valentine’s Day on the 14th. However, February for Zimbabwe has a particular significance. It is the month when the coalition government become operational – raising hopes for young men and women of getting employed. The hopes were, of course, well founded following the introduction of multiple currencies and the subsequent arrest of runaway inflation. In a way the MDC added value to the government. Investor confidence was restored.
Turning back the hands of time to February 2009, there was a sense of renewed hope that was borne out of the compromise between President Robert Mugabe and his bitter rival MDC President, now Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.
However jobs have been hard to come by as industries have taken long to open regardless of the stabilisation of the economy.
The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) says that only 10 percent of the country’s economically active group are formally employed. This means only one of every able-bodied 10 adults in the country goes to work every day.
The world really wonders what the other 90 percent of Zimbabweans live on. The answer is there for everyone to see: we always find a way, somehow.
Some sell tomatoes while others sell cars, some cross the border to South Africa while some till the land. Some are briefcase business men and women while others fall into different sorts of vice with the pressing objective of keeping body and soul together.
Thousands of women in Zimbabwe are in the informal sector and they have somehow manage to support their families, with children even going to school.
In the morning, especially in the cities’ ghettos where the largest number of people in the country live, it is an opera of voices of women tuned to the highest chord, competing to reach to the ears of customers. Some travel for more than 10kms a day but at-least they are surviving
Life for many Zimbabweans is far from rosy, and some go to the extremes in order to survive. Many women have fallen into vice and live as commercial sex workers.
Some people in rural communities are now brilliant farmers, and many have started to plant cash crops such as tobacco.
The list of what Zimbabweans at home and abroad do to survive is endless. I would love to hear from you about how you earn your daily bread.


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