World-Dictators the clock is ticking

The recent events in North Africa, where people have cast aside their fear and risen up against their oppressors, show what happens when dictators trample arrogantly upon people’s rights.
Although it may seem a long time coming, there eventually comes a time when people feel they’ve had enough. When that happens, no amount of intimidation or force will deter them from demanding what is rightfully theirs. And no amount of petty concessions by desperate dictators can stop the inevitable. We have seen this in numerous places around the world over the years.
Dictators should beware.
It is amazing how they just don’t seem to get it! They never read the writing on the wall. They think they can continue to ride roughshod over ordinary people – as long as they have enough money with which to pay their thugs to instil terror.
In Zimbabwe, as in the countries of Tunisia and Egypt, the aspirations of the people have been stifled by the autocratic Zanu (PF) regime. Our rights of speech, assembly association and the right to protection under the law have been denied us, as have our property rights and – for many – the right to life itself.

Under the brutal and corrupt rule of Zanu (PF), the people of Zimbabwe have been condemned to a life of poverty by while Mugabe and his henchmen live a life of obscene luxury.

Independence from colonial rule first came the Africa from the north. And now there is a new wind blowing – to sweep away the despotic nationalists governments that were, in many ways, as bad if not worse than the rulers they replaced.

Democracy is the only workable safety valve. It is the only way to avoid chaos. The problem is there are many lurking in the shadows who would like to exploit the chaos for their own purposes. The people of Egypt and Tunisia would be wise to be careful, lest their anger and frustration be hi-jacked. They could end up leaping from the frying pan into the fire.


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