Ephraim’s 07/12/10 to 11/01/2011 bicycle journey across Western Cape coastal towns

Just after the exams finished my main focus was to cycle around Western Cape town (camping) as from 07/12/2010 – 11/01/2011 I was really excited and curious about this month long journey, having not ever been out camping or cycled for a long distance in my life before, Those closer to me feared for the worst but I was positive and confident about what I was about the task I was about take on. December here in South- Africa is traditionally a very dangerous period of the year motorists drive under the influence of alcohol and there is a increased number of serious crimes, but non if these could shatter my dream.
I would like to thank all those who went out of their way supporting my dream of achieving such a task and understanding the purpose of the trip, Once again thanks to you
I’m now hopeful that my plans to travel from Cape Town to Egypt on a motorcycle in 2013 will be achieved and shall be yet another great learning and adventurous journey. Anywhere lets me dump to the stage and share my ups and downs of this memorable trip.

Wednesday 08-12-2010
The plan was to resume the journey on the 10th but because I finished writing my examinations earlier I thought it could be a little wise if I resumed the journey two days earlier to actually day the 10th, curiosity was also killing me I just longed to be in the tent in the middle of nature writing the few remaining chapters of my book to be. The previous day I had been busy packing my backpack and making sure all was in place the next morning I consulted few regular cyclists for advices and the information they gave me could had made me change my mind but I was motivated and into what what I was about with my heart and soul.

07;20am – Wake up early could wait for the trip to happen at 10am, I cleaned my small apartment as I waited for few boys from the football team who had volunteered to come and wish me good lucky on what man viewed as dangerous. I have been also telling these guys about my plans during the holidays and asked them if they would want to join me they simple laughed at me thinking it was joke and that morning when they came they were shocked to find out my backpack was fully loaded to capacity and my bike ready to take the challenge,
09;00am – Having seen that the trip was real not hoax the two boys offered to join me, they showed much enthusiasm and I said to them well I told you but you are welcome to join me, I also made it clear to them that the journey will not be easy. Well they said no we are keen then I said fine let’s take the challenge together.
10 am – Finally the long awaited moment came I grabbed my backpack and headed towards the garage where my bicycle was stored the bike was in good condition, I did a test cycle around the compound, everything was willing.
10;20 am – I and Tresor Abedi resumed the journey the other friend of ours promised to join us in Fish-Hoek since he did not have his bicycle then, the first twenty minutes of the of our journey was great, We got excited that Tresor suggested we go cycle all the way to Betty’s Bay little did he know that our advantage a steep slope streching from Sea-Point to Camps-bay, I once again told him this journey is not as easy as we think. Soon after Camps Bay the journey started to get tougher and tougher, soon we were talking up hill which ends near Hout-Bay
13-20- We arrived in Hout- Bay I was tired but not much as Tresor I was ready to give a got up until my target destination but Tresor suggested we find a place to camp somewhere in Hout-Bay but there is no how I could had given in to such a proposal as my journey was planed as each hour, day counted. We had our lunch there and filled our water bottles and hit the road again now towards the most difficulty and scary part of our journey Chapman’s peak. That road is so scary as everything looks to fall anytime I wanted to pass the place as soon as possible, few minutes ago Tresor was so tired but he suddenly got the energy to cycle as if we were climbing a up hill or maybe it was the energy out fear 🙂 not sure.

16;10 – We arrived at our destination in Fish-Heok,the people at the Adonis Musati project house (see http://www.adonismusatiproject.org) treated us so nicely and we given a meal to help us gain energy again as we eat I and Tresor discussed about our next destination Simon’s Town via Scarabough, Redcliff, little did I know that Tresor had changed his mind. He told man I can’t take it anymore I going back home now I will go to Fish Hoek station and catch a train, having planned to travel alone from the start I accepted and told him to do what his heart desires after the meal we shake hands goodbye.

To be continued stage by stage. You can also donate any small amount each stage towards my R15000 school fee for 2011.



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2 responses to “Ephraim’s 07/12/10 to 11/01/2011 bicycle journey across Western Cape coastal towns

  1. My brother I would like to start a trip from Cape Town to Queenstown inland in a Bicycle, but i have no equipment at the moment, anyway you could help me…

    • childmigranttalksafricanpolitics

      Sure man I would like to but not in cape Town but I can say go for it I can give whatever tips you need sorry for the late reply I’m not online that much

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