Avoiding my own birthday

When I came to South- Africa, I used to wonder why this custom of celebrating birthdays is such a big deal here, In my community people never celebrated birthdays instead they celebrated death ‘’strange? but being far away from home have made me realize the importance of March 27 each year.
I just figured out that my people they are missing out on what this custom offers, there is very good reasons to celebrate a birthday. It is a personal New- year’s day when the batteries of the organisms are recharged, the day when we weigh our accomplishment and when we understand what we mean to others.
It is important to spend this day in the best possible positive way being happy, content, being with people whom you love. Energies are exchanged that moment and for me the new cycle beings.
A birthdays for me is a two way thing on this day I will be excited that I’m at-least nearing achieving my dreams but at the other hand birthdays makes me feel so bad about myself, this day remands me of the years I had been away from my family, instead of celebrating I end up being so down, feeling lonely and home sick, once all in tears.
Overwhelming support from friends have kept me going all these years and hopefully this year will be the same and to honour this day in a positive way I launch my new 2011 project (1 Africa 1 Family).



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2 responses to “Avoiding my own birthday

  1. hey hun
    tears are great when you let them be
    let them strengthen who you are
    and enjoy being one year smarter, brighter, full of experiences, new dreams, new people, new achievements, new surprises
    I am sure your family in Binga is as proud as I am here
    It is terrible not seeing you, and it is great seeing you succeed
    love you (and please forgive me in advance if I forget the 27th)

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