Project 1 Africa 1 Family

The project 1 Africa 1 Family is a project to take place on the 7 May 2011, coinciding with start of the 2008 xenophobic violence. The aim of the soccer tournament project is bring youth from different backgrounds/cultures using sport, especially football, as conduit to promote awareness on tolerance, human rights, xenophobia, racism, HIV/AIDS and crime; in our effort to enforce social cohesion at the same time paying respect to the spirits and souls of those who lost their lives during the May 2008 xenophobia outbreak.
Briefly about Refugee6
The Refugee6 foundation was founded by Ephraim Ntlamo, a then 17 year old Zimbabwean in 2009. The main goal of the team is improve the life standard of refugee children, reconnecting them with the fun side of life that many refugee children seldom experience, and build their self-esteem and confidence for them to be able build friendships and connect through shared experiences. The team Refugee VI is named after the six nations that account for most of the refugee children in South-Africa, including Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Uganda, Mozambique and Somalia ( ) The foundation through its football team also tries to generate awareness about issues that affect refugees, such as Xenophobia, HIV/AIDS and crime. In response to recent xephonobic threats of violence against immigrants after the 2010 FIFA World cup. Refugee6 in partnership with Abang Africa travel organized a ‘Kicking out Xenophobia’’ soccer tournament that coincided with the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It took place in various venues in Cape-Town and surrounding townships that have previously been hotspots of Xenophobia and violence see link. The boys played matches against South-African teams in an effort to create camaraderie between foreigners and locals in Western Cape.
Outline of event day
The tournament day will resume at 10am with short peace message from the community leader. A moment of silence shall be called before kick off to pay respect for the souls of those killed in the xenophobic violence. Then six football teams from certain immigrant communities representing peace and unity for Africa will on behalf of its respective region battle it out for the peace trophy on the field.
Teams are as follows:
Somalia will represent the East Africa region
South Africa will represent the Southern African region
Ivory- Coast will represent West Africa
Egypt will represent North-Africa
Democratic Republic Congo will represent Central Africa
Refugee6 will represent the whole Africa continent
However they will be no winner or loser on this day every team will be able to compete in the finals, after the group stages each team representing a region will be asked to submit 3 players to form one time that will play against the already diverse Refugee VI.
Sponsorship needed
R1200 for field rental (Salt River Black Pool)
R2800 Food/ drinks needed for approximately 120 people, hotdog, cool drink, and apple
R 500 transportation of a team from Khayelitsha
R1000 pamphlets
Volunteers needed
Two referees and two linesmen will be needed
First Aid
Help with fixture arrangements
Help with preparing food and distribution
Benefit for individual cooperate/ partner or sponsors involved
– Cooperate/ individual’s name mentioned in the media as sponsor or partner
– Cooperate partner allowed to put up advertising material flayers etc on the event day or promote product of their choice.
– Cooperate logo will appear on the pamphlets
We hope that your company, organization or you as an individual would be willing to partner up in with us in making this event possible. Feel free to contact me directly at this e-mail address; or +27837148014

Thank You
Ephraim Ntlamo


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