Dear friends

I know that some of you had waited for so long for this moment, I would like to let you know that I have official finished writing my book. I now have the my whole life story in pdf format form and the book I guess will open your eyes about the world and how one can stay positive in hard times. This is the kind of story you have never imagined about before its amazing story that makes you sad at the same time makes you appreciate what you have achieved in life. The book is written in an honest way I have mentioned every single detail about myself and my family including the family I made here. my ups and downs.
The book explains my childhood, my village, my view of the world, how I ended up being a child refugee, life on the street, how I dealt with my own personal problems, my future plans where I see myself in the next 5 years,And many more things you probably didn’t know about me, would you need a copy do not hesiste to e-mail contact me at or call me at 0837148014

Kind regards



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2 responses to “Dear friends

  1. Joshua Ward

    I agree with you. Experience is the mother of wisdom😕

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