Seeing beyond my horizon good for me

So often our experiences, knowledge and interests tend to limit us to a particular world. Usually this world is our comfort zone, it is familiar ground and therefore we are not daring enough to explore beyond the horizon.
What I have learnt from my experiences and of some people close to me is that this zone is not as comfortable as we would want to believe. We can live in this world all days of lives yet deep down our hearts we simmer with discontentment. Sometimes we fail to move further away from this world because of societal norms and values. Society puts a limit on us and we subdue ourselves to our circumstances. Society has policing measures that help regulate and bring sanity to the world. Be that as it may individuals need to be prepared to have long term vision that goes beyond those limitations.
What is a horizon if I may ask? A horizon is where earth and the sky seem to meet. To an observer the horizon marks the boundary of the earth and the sky.
It gives the impression that there is nothing beyond and also the feeling of a dead end, while in actual fact the horizon is not static. It shifts further away as the observer moves closer to it.
This means that there is a whole world out there beyond the horizon that is waiting to be explored. We have places that have been named after this phenomenon -Clouds End. Therefore as we acquire more knowledge our interests and experiences change, our horizons are broadened. They are some people who are so satisfied with what they learnt or had last and sadly are not open to learning new things.
Why am I saying all this? I’m trying to create an analogue between horizon that we see and various stumble blocks that we meet in our path as we try to accomplish something for ourselves. I have observed that there is a tendency to define the world and the future based on current situations.
I have seen people resign to their situations and come to accept it their fate. This state however doesn’t give them peace.
Some live as if they are angry at the world or particular people. What they do most of the time is complain and cause problems wherever they are. An unwillingness to improve themselves can be sensed in such people. They also blame others for what they have turned up to be.
It is therefore not surprising that some people commit suicide, they can’t see beyond their situation because their world would have collapsed on them.
Allow me to digress a bit and say that in this part of the world as Africa, we don’t have many mental institutions like in the West; We really didn’t need them because we had a functional and strong extended family system. We also had a people centered culture and therefore people were more accommodating even to strangers. So people could handle pressure better through help from others, but with the trend towards indualism, we might need to consider ways of helping strengthen coping mechanisms.
There are three groups of people whose perception about the horizon differ. One that thinks there are no opportunities beyond the horizon. Another one knows that there are opportunities beyond the horizons but too paralyzed with fear of the unknown so they would rather not do anything about it. There are yet others who are positive and risk averse, so they follow their dreams and get to full their purpose on earth.
One day I watched a snippet of a movie, I missed both beginning and end. From the bit that I saw, a woman who was so swamped with the responsibility of raising four young children, she struggled to cope such that at times she would turn a deaf ear to the cries for attention and at time would shout at the children even when it was no fault of their own.
Conscious that what she was doing was not right she went to confession to seek God’s forgiveness. During one such session she poured her heart out and let the priest know that she was overwhelmed and wanted to leave and be unattached, I gathered that this woman’s problem was that she had unfulfilled dreams. She told the priest that she had wanted to be famous but instead she had ended up raising children and that wasn’t her idea of fame.
I empathized with this woman and realized that her story could be any person’s story. I was reminded of the bible scripture where Paul urges Timothy to stir up the gift in him……………… We all have different and great potentials to turn not only our lives around but of our world.
Our challenges however are allowing circumstances to dictate and determine our fate. Yet I believe we can influence our situations no matter how big or small by being active participants and not passive observers.
I must admit that there are days when I operate on auto pilot, just moving from one event to the next as they come due to pressure. An unhealthy situation.
Could it be a coping mechanism designed by the maker to get us through demanding times? In my discussion with a cousin In Binga (Zimbabwe) on my recent visit, I have observed that some women are living unfulfilled lives. They have big dreams whose achievements are limited by their circumstances.
Some are pulled down starting from home and made to feel inadequate by society such that their dreams fail to see day light. They are others who feel by having families they have arrived and therefore there isn’t much for them to do.
Alice a friend’s sister told me that she shared with a male friend her dream to further her education and was told to leave that to her children by her closer friends.
I believe it is so easy to believe what people close to you say about you. I’m advocating that women throw away their responsibility but should thrive and persevere towards fulfillment of their dreams.
Every person needs a supportive family of friends that encourage them on even hard and good times. There is need to recognize that horizons are just glass ceilings that can be broken with determination, also in my own belief with self trust and patience, everything is possible in life.
Whenever we are facing a uphill in our lives, It’s important that we became like a ship sailing the against the Atlantic storm, thus never give up on your dream because no dream is too big to accomplish.


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