Why I’m unique ?

When I made it known that I would embark on walk to Pretoria from Cape Town, 1500km away against political violence, not even a single person believed me.Those who didn’t thought I was insane. Yes I might had been a little, a tiny little boy as myself walking for salvation of the entire Zimbabwean populace against political violence and hoping to make change, sounds impossible right?
As one Zimbabwean had pointed out I was too young to challenge Zimbabwean politicians, yes I might had been, But not too young for a cause that I hoped would bring peace to my mother land. Some people missed the point of my walk campaign, they thought my aim was challenge president Robert Mugabe or Morgan Tsvangirai. No, the purpose of the sacrificial campaign was simple and clear “Against political violence” a social problem that had affected us all as nation.
They were those who thought I wasting my time and should be enjoying my holidays, as they believed my campaign walk would have no impact on the violence. But I had always believed that even if doesn’t at-least I would have done something positive against an negative situation affecting everybody of us.
Doomsayers shouldn’t think that change should be bigger at all times, small change is a stepping stone to bigger change. Imagine if I had twenty people walking with me the impact against the violence would had been much larger, but in life never know maybe it would had been bought further tension.
Stupid countrymen viewed me as an idiot walking for a cause that will benefit me no financial gain. Making change is about money but seeing the situation one is sacrificing for improve for the best. Yes of-course ignorant Zimbabweans who believe not into themselves might believe I wasted my time and resources walking around trying to bring peace and challenge the Zimbabwean leadership to accountable and tolerant. But did I just walking for nothing? I might be an ant fighting a giant elephant ( the Zimbabwean government)if an ant is capable of killing a elephant so I’m. I believed that I was capable of convincing the Zimbabwean government to take concrete steps against political violence.
The prime minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai came across an article in the news-paper, about this young poor Zimbabwean boy walking against social problem that had been in the past years a draw-back to our society and decided I was worth his time.The article encouraged the P.M to seek a solution with Robert Mugabe. I was very excited when when news reached a weeks ago that president Mugabe and Tsvangirai would be holding political rallies together encouraging their supporters to be tolerant and non violent just because different political opinions. This is something that wouldn’t have happened, had it not been for this young man from Binga, walking around leaving behind the jol youth treat themselves to during the festive holidays.
My advice to anyone who wants to make a change in their society or the world, Ignore what people think about your cause, do what you believe in and want to achieve. Never be discouraged by people with low self-esteem who never believe in themselves. Slavery was not defeated in one day or year but it took lots of campaigns, bigger ones and small one till it was abolished. People need to realize that with self determination and self trust, ” No dream or person is too young or old to bring change.
We are all born leaders but majority of us are too sacred to show off our talent and what we are capable of achieving or stand for what we believe in, because we fear what others think or might think of us. Let the observer think of whatever but I promise that once you achieve the goal they would want to be part of it and want to claim to know better.
Today here I’m enjoying the access to top Zimbabwean politician, I have made my own history and I’m part of the legendary future Zimbabwean leadership. That’s why each and every political wants me to part of their family.
I would like to thank the journalists and friends who made this possible.


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One response to “Why I’m unique ?

  1. Political violence is part and parcel of Africa and the saddest part of all is this: Normal people place these violent thugs in power and keep them there until it is way to late to make them change their ways.

    Africas natural inhabitants have always been their worst enemy…RSA.

    The other little pearl of wisdom I have for you is this:
    You can walk to Moskow or even just Cairo, as much as you want, but if the masses vote for idiots, thieves and despots, you are wasting your time.

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