My Zambian start

I had been in Livingstone for the past weeks and had been busy putting things together accommodation, school unfortunately hasn’t been accepted as yet but I’m hopeful things will work out if not I have a plan B, I find the people of Livingstone very warm and welcoming as well as enthusiastic beings who always has something positive in mind to do and let me admit that I’m inspired.
My wish as in Cape Town has not been to just sit around and do nothing but to go out there in villages and do something positive, that would inspire villagers to believe in themselves just like I do that through self belief and hard-work anything is possible.
I’m looking forward over the weekend or Monday to travel to village near the city of Choma called Sinazongwe were I’m looking forward to meet the chief there. Briefly about Sinanzogwe it’s an impoverished village just the other side of my own village we are all called the valley people there sure lots in common including language and traditional beliefs. What I’m going for in Sinazongwe I regard as the most interesting topic as well as that I will be yet again getting a chance to hear the point view of the elderly, I hope to learn lots there.
Chief Sinazongwe’s main wish is take action against the government of Zambia so that justice can be achieved for the forced resettlement of valley people but that of his chiefdom and hope to inspire those on the Zimbabwean side to follow the same path. When recently interviewed he needs money to hire top lawyers so that the issue over the unresolved resettlements can be bought to rest, However person I believe that finding lawyers shouldn’t involve lots of money as that money can be spent on development of the area instead to address issue which is clear you don’t need expensive lawyer even a voluntary lawyer would be suitable for the cause.
I also that the issue shouldn’t be taken personally as tribal but rather something that would learn our children of their history, heritage and culture. Sinazongwe like her sister valley Binga has no tarred roads and since independence on both sides the areas saw no development in terms of schools, roads and hospitals. As in my village the resettlement was not properly done: Both districts have no doctors, no drivers and no teachers. They see electricity on both sides of the valley pass over their heads going to service others whilst they live right at the lake but have been left in dark. Chief Sinazongwe’s view is that the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA)is reaping heavily from the water resources in the lake kariba yet people from the Zambezi river basin paved the way for the Kariba dam’s construction and there people are living in abject poverty.
While others has received development it had ran away from the valley people, thus on my point of view the issue should be handed over to hands of opportunists who shall manipulate it for political advances but rather a realistic doldrum so as other tribes, races in similar situation across Africa and could learn from that dealing with such issues there is no need for conflict or applying hatred.
As young boy I will be honored first to meet the chief secondly give my opinion.
Until next time bye for now


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