People must join forces, fight for change

ZANU-pf is out for every Zimbabwean’s head who are against them. This is simply unacceptable it is amazing how the truth hurts. The people of Zimbabwe must join forces to ouster of several ZANU-pf ministers who are bent on bring about utter chaos in Zimbabwe.
Before the advent of the government of national unity and as we all know ZANU-pf ran Zimbabwe like their own fiefdom, squandered our resources and abused taxpayers hard earned money. Finance minister Tendai Biti of the M.D.C has bought reason and sanity back in the finance ministry.
When will ZANU-pf learn that they have sinned against God and fellower Zimbabweans and that a day of reckoning will come?.Evil only flourishes for a season and then come judgement and accountability.
ZANU-pf aggressively push their ungodly agendas because we allow them to. It is time the destructive policies were stopped. The government of Zimbabwe owes every commercial farmer and workers every piece of property and asset that was plundered, stolen and destroyed. Do they think this will be swept under the carpet? Why should minister Biti glibly handout cash to a skewed and unjust agricultural system? Further more to cap it all they now endeavor to prop their fast disintegrating fortunes by stealing other people’s businesses and catapulting Zimbabwe to cataclysmic level of destruction.
Our politicians are teaching our people to steal, lie, cheat and take what they did not earn. Is this not an abomination in God’s eyes? Im not talking about the fair, unjust and equitable sharing of Zimbabwe’s natural resources here, but about people’s personal businesses and property. Why are we Zimbabweans so divided? I call on all opposition leaders to put aside their selfish agendas and self serving ambitions and stand together against this evil that has bought such pain and suffering on our people. What are they all doing ? It’s heartbreaking to watch, hear and read of all the bitterness opposition parties have towards each other, they are their own worst enemies and are playing ZANU- pf’s hands.
If ZANU-pf continue in this vein and refuse to reform from their ways, I can assure you all of one thing with absolute confidence. In the fullness of time and when their wrong doings has reached it’s limit in God’s eyes, their fall will be spectacular and it’s judgment terrible. We can only pray and hope that those who lead this party wake up see the light before it’s too late for them.

Article by Ephraim Ntlamo


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