Death predictions unbecoming

Iam flabbergasted by the hullabaloo over predictions by Nigerian evangelist TB Joshua about some unfortunate African despot finally kicking in the bucket. Our own raising star Emmanuel Mukandiwa has created a veritable storm by allegedly forecasting turmoil in Zimbabwe on the night of his so called judgment night sermon recently. Zimbabweans and the people of the world had we became so gullible that we think a man, another mortal human- being like everyone else, has the Godly power to foretell the death of someone else ? And in any case everyone knows deep in side themselves that whether they like it or not, death is inventible. The older and sick one becomes the more likely they liable to expire- it is just a matter of time. That is the natural order of things. I believe it needs no prophesy to say that an elder person, especially one affected by illness will inevitable die.
President Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela among others knows that each day that passes brings them closer to their maker.Granted being a Christian is all about religious truth and faith is belief in God. All over the world people have established all kinds of churches, each one promising adherents the utopia of the Kingdom of Heaven.
People like TB Joshua, Mukandiwa and many others who deliver powerful sermons that leaves their congregation spell-bound tell their followers that it is not God’s wish that they should suffer on earth – and that God’s promise is that they should prosper and achieve all their earthly dreams. This is the kind of message that will resonate with anyone seeking salvation from poverty and destitution.

Although this is not necessary a bad thing in a world where evil is lucrative trade pursued by many, no one should behave as if they have special mandate from God to save the world- each must strive recite and worship their creator in a personal way that doesn’t create fear, alarm and despondency among others. TB Joshua’s predictions can be explained: They are self -fulling prophecies. A self-fulling prophecy is a prediction that is directly or indirectly causes its self to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy it’s self, due to positive feed back between belief and behavior ( wikipedia)
Sociologist Robert K Merton who came up with the expression ” Self-fulling prophecy” defined it simply as: when Roxanna falsely believes her marriage will fail, her fears of such failure actually cause the marriage to fail. The rather more involved definition of ” Self- fulling prophecy” is in the beginning falsle definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come ” true”. This suspicious validity of self-fulling prophecy perpetuates a reign of error : For the prophet will cite the actual course of the event as proof that he/ she was right from the very beginning ( wikipedia)
Let us look at Micheal Sata of Zambia when voted into office recently, he has been a kind of disaster. Some of the decisions he has been making in his short reign have been nothing but grotesque. From champion of democracy, he managed in a very short period to himself into a veritable dictator. Besides general uncertainty about the direction in which he steering the country, Zambians are concerned about the whimsical manner in which he makes decisions.An important part of the counrty Barotseland is seeking secession. There is immense pressure on him to stop the break up of the country. Worsening the whole senario is the fact that he is old and not so well: He has a urological ailment thus he begins to see himself as the subject of TB Joshua’s prophecy; he is convinced he will die within two months, so what does he do ? He wants to give himself a fighting chance, so he flies to what he thinks are the best urologists in the world, just like what Mugabe does. Can African leaders be blamed for this ? As Christians we need to denounce such prophecies to as someone can predict one’s death.

Article by Ephraim Ntlamo


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