Partisan policing stalls youth development

When the police, army became public enemy number one, youth development in put on hold

The rather pathetic Zimbabwean political situation is symptomatic of a government that is turning against its own citizen. When independence came in 1980 everyone should have thought freedom and prosperity would follow. Little did the nation know our liberators would to be the proverbial wolves in sheep’s skin or should we say whites in black masks?

The Gukurahundi genocide was first proof that the independent state of Zimbabwe had no heart for its own citizens. More than twenty thousand civilians were massacred and another forty thousand or so affected somehow; in total about sixty thousand people were affected by the violence perpetrated by the government they voted into power.

The 2000 fast tracked land reform programme marked another episode of madness of the Zimbabwean government; scores of families were traumatized and impoverished by greedy warveterians under the guise of reclaiming land from colonial settlers. Farm workers were either displaced or forced to work for the new farmer in warveterians for a slave wage. This saw the nation’s economy crumbling and inflation sky rocketing to unprecedented levels.  That a respectable family man like Gideon Gono (Reserve Bank Governor) would wake up every morning and go to work to put his signature on a one-cent note was the madness at it’s worst.

The so called Murambatsvina (clean up ) campaign was yet more proof of the Zimbabwean government’s total indifference to the suffering of the masses. Being a street kid was not something extraordinary during that period. Innocent civilians had been robbed of their accommodation and the street accommodated them.

The 2002 /8 elections ushered in a new era of terror perpetrated by the state. The police force and the army openly came out armed with guns fighting defenceless unarmed citizens, to say nothing of exploits of the Border Gezi trained militia.

Everyone thought the coming of the inclusive government (GNU) following the disputed elections would usher in a new dispensation where human rights would be respected, but that was not to be. The two MDC formations seem to have forgotten the promises they made to their electorate.

As soon as they got into power and started driving around in posh cars, they began behaving as if they were no crisis in `Zimbabwe.

Only God knows what Zimbabwe will become when, we go through another elections. Will the militia bases disappear, will torture stop? Are we ever likely to have a free fair election in our country?

But as the old adage goes, every dog has it’s day, and a day will come soon when Zimbabweans from all walks of life celebrate (vote wisely so we can celebrate, we had been on stand by for quiet some time)

Article by Ephraim Ntlamo


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