No to two Vice presidents

Vice president no 1

The problem with

Vice president number 2

ZANU-PF is that it believes they are the will of the people. So if anything goes against their beliefs then its not from the people. How many times have you heard them mention the Kariba Draft? Do you remember any politician coming to solicit for your ideas when they were drafting this document? The Kariba Draft is not from the people yet they want to use it to hold the upcoming election.
How about the Lancaster House constitution we are currently using? The name says it all; its not from the people. The Lancaster House constitution was agreed and signed on foreign soil by a handful of politicians without having asked for the views of the masses.
I’m one of the hundreds of Zimbabweans who opposes the idea of having two vice presidents, because that idea never came from the people. If the idea is achieve tribal balance and make Shona’s or Ndebele’s feel included in government, why not simply have one vice president who is Shona, if the president is Ndebele.
I also believe we should not invest too much in the hands of an individual. Right now you have a cabinet that believes if the president is not in the country then they can’t hold meetings to solve problems affecting citizens. I don’t agree with an independent commission appointing the service chiefs. The president should appoint them but the house will have to approve those appointments to make sure they are the best candidates.
The under going present of the people driven constitution is sheer waste of time.


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