Southern Africa’s most dangerous medicine murder capitals

Witchcraft is a primary concern in Africa communities

I know that you may have or had good stories of these places I’m about to mention. Don’t get me wrong as yet go through this first. Destinations listed below are the most dangerous place when we talk about (muti murders). I may not have personally to these places but I can confidently claim these places to the deadliest if you are a stranger, all from first hand accounts from people who hail from these places.

Tour operates won’t have such information for you simple because there is no evidence that such things do exist or simply they don’t believe that another man can kill another for ritual purposes. I’m trying to help you because these things do happen, well if you are from African you have clear idea of what I mean no need to explain further for you.  But let me do it for my European friends.

Please my note my aim here is not to scare you or discourage tourism activities in the mentioned areas.  I’m aware that most of you tend to believe witchcraft and voodoo are non-existing superstitions, but let me assure you witchcraft is real. Why would someone claim witchcraft to be non-existent when even in biblical times stories were written about it? BOTSWANA (MOCHUDI)

Mochudi is a town located 35km away from Gaborone; it is home to Botswana’s influential businessmen’s and women.  When passing or spending a night in Mochudi make sure you a few more than one person and make sure never to book yourself in little known or advertised hostels or backpackers. The problem with murder medicine in Mochudi started way back actually when Botswana was still a British protectant. People here believe their cattle can breed quicker and better guaranteed safety from theft when looked after by goblins. There is no organized cult in the area but it’s a high risk for visitors with little information about the area.  Witchcraft is a primary concern here, people believe business can not prosper without human body parts and goblins

What to avoid in Mochudi

  •  Never ask anybody for direction, except at the church or police station, if you are a illegal immigrant who had ran out of resources   or have no place to call home for the night never accept a stranger to help you with accommodation, rather go to the police.
  •  Never, never accept someone giving you a lift to Mochudi unless prearranged rather use public transport, if you do so talk less because people are very curious here they will ask you questions and want to know where you from and disclosing information makes you a target.

Resident’s opinion

Mochudi residents agree that their town is a hot spot for human body parts trade and Mochudi is popular for that across Botswana. Goblins are a important part of people’s lives here and where do goblins come from? From you or I.

Other similar places Kanye/ Molepolole (on your way to Namibia)

Recent events connected to cultism

Segametsi 14 years old was selling oranges to raise money for a school trip. Some men came to her and bought all of her oranges, but they said they didn’t have change so they would go to get it and come back. So Segametsi waited there all day and into the evening, till. it was almost dark. Then some men came and grabbed her and put cotton … in her mouth, blindfolded her, and tied up her hands. They took her to a house in the bush …. This killer cut Segametsi into parts, putting arms and legs in piles according to the requests of the businessmen who had ordered the killing. ( Wikipedia)


No arguing Livingstone is one of the most beautiful place on earth, it’s majestic falls and landscape makes one doubt such a exotic place can have any deadly hidden secrets. Livingstone is second capital of Zambia, the capital of the falls as well as the centre for the regional satanic cult. In fact Satanism is more popular than Christianity here. They are known satanic spots in every corner of the city (restaurants, coffee shops and cafes) Even if the spots are known to law enforcement agents, they too scared to take acting against the cult, because it is believed to use powerful magic spells.

What to avoid in Livingstone

  • Avoid being too social here, cultists in this town are after intelligent young people, they believe their intelligence can bring success to their business and could clever useful goblins.
  • Avoid hooking up with a girl or guy at a fancy hangout spots, Usually young people who hang around these places have decent paying jobs but wealth parents who might be cultists ‘’Never trust’’
  • Get information about the bar or pub from locals, there are no go bars that are known to be for the elite. If you get lost in there you are meat.
  • Don’t pick up stuff mean anything cultists in the area known to intention dispose their belonging, so that they can experiment their magical powers on somebody.
  • If you happen to rent a room or apartment in the town it is best that you rent from someone you know personally or through a trusted friend. I mean teens here avoid renting along low-density suburbs along the Lusaka road, it’s the elite hood, even locals never want go look for jobs there.
  • If someone asks you for change never give, even if you have it.  If you do his money will take all your money and you will likely believe you dropped the money NO “Strange but believe me”

Opinion by residents

They have been a number of influential business people in the town who has came forward in the open, seeking help to discontinue conducting business with the help of goblins and trading in human body parts, of the most common case was a minister in the government. Who went and confessed about the activities of the cult to a local church congregation.

Recent events

Southern Province Minister and also MMD Livingstone Constituency Member of Parliament Lukulo Katombola has confessed of having been a devil worshiper and practising some dark world activities in his life. Mr. Lukulo also revealed that he used to drink human urine to boost his businesses and that all customers who entered his business premise were completely striped off their clothes without them knowing so that he can make money. (


Rated as one of the most beautiful places on earth, Vic- falls is no city like it twin Livingstone but a town.  The majority of residents here are poor but Harding working individuals who strives to earn each and every penny after sweating. Tourists like you plays a important role in these people’s lives, that one dollar tip goes a long way seeing a family get through for the month.

Unlike in Livingstone most business here are white owned and that doesn’t mean whites can ‘t be cultists, whites are believed to be deeply involved in cultism as equally as blacks in both towns. It’s sad to acknowledge that Victoria- falls residents from the higher density hoods suspect that one in every five residents who hail from low density suburbs, better known as (Yards) are rich or successful because of being involved in cultism with the main suspect Satanism.

What to avoid in Victoria- Falls

ALL listed under Livingstone

Opinion of residents

Fear, fear, fear that’s all I can say if you see someone scared to demanding his unsettled ramification from his boss and opt to leave the job without payment, “ Something fish there “

Recent events connected to cultism

An 42 -year-old self-confessed Satanist who allegedly admitted to having killing a  12- girl  by slitting her throat and sucking blood from the wound to quench his thirst for human blood has been arrested in Victoria-Falls. (Bulawayo24)


TANZANIA (Bukombe District)

Persecution of people with albinism is based on the belief that certain body parts of albinistic people transmit magical powers. This superstition, which is present in some parts of East Africa, has been promulgated and exploited by witch doctors and others who use such body parts as ingredients in rituals, concoctions and portions with the claim that their magic will bring prosperity to the user. So if you have albinism beware never travel to East Africa, you are worth more than premier soccer league players US$ 100000.

What to avoid

  • Stay away from East Africa, remember you have a US $ 100000 price tag; no one can guarantee you security.


To be continued …..


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