Jamaican men are “drunkards and perennially hooked on marijuana

“In Jamaica they have freedom to smoke mbanje, varume vanogara vakadhakwa (men are always drunk) and universities are full of women. The men want to sing and do not go to colleges vamwe vanobva vamonwa musoro (some are dreadlocked). Let us not go there,” said Mugabe.

 President Mugabe is correct and it is not an opinion it’s a fact.

Image1.) 80% of the student body at the Universities and colleges in Jamaica are females. The males seem to care about owning sound systems, “buss a tune”, run taxis, and floss. 

2.) Jamaica has the most number of churches per capita than any other country in the entire world. It also boasts the most rum and liquor bar per capita than any other countries in the entire world. It is no wonder that Jamaican men are alcoholic, and their male children as well as they walk and/or stand at the street on corners with rum in plastic cups or rum bottle in their back packets day or night come rain or shine. 

3.) Knowledge of the sciences, of engineering, of leadership, of culture and history (self), of mathematics, of chemistry, of organizing, and of reading and writing are the things needed for making strong and productive society. Since these things are needed for a strong and productive state, how can marijuana that run contrary and is anathema to these things ever be good for a person and a country and people? Has anyone ever seen a practicing weed head scientist? How about a practicing weed head engineer? Would you want a weed head doctor perform surgery on you?  When a people has no form of sensitivity then they have not any form of standard and it becomes easy for others to define their image. 

4.) Jamaica is not a model nation and society, and certainly not one to be emulated. Why would anyone wants to emulate corruption, violence and crime, killing of pregnant women, laws that suppress free speech, laws that suppress a people cultural customs such as Obeah, and a people that do not know themselves to the point of calling themselves Christians and not African, why would anyone wants to emulate hatred of self?  The condition of Jamaica is such that unless some changed for the better, Jamaica has no future.

For those of you who are piss with President Mugabe and his comments, you need to direct your frustration and anger else where.


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