Tsvangirai is Taking People Too Much for Granted

The emphasis should not be on how old the MDC-T is. Rather it should be on what the MDC-T has achieved since its birth.

Such anniversary celebrations when the party has lost direction are an insult to the people.

Tsvangirai and his MDC-T have displaced priorities with issues that please ZANU-PF to the detriment of the nation. The MDC-T no longer stands for those issues that brought it the prominence and popularity that it received well enough to almost shock ZANU-PF in the 2000 parliamentary elections, hardly a year after it had been formed.

They had good rapport then and they espoused issues that were in the hearts of the people.

At that time, the MDC articulated the feeling of despair as reflected in people’s thoughts and daily lives. The party did not even need to campaign because people were just fed up with Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF.

But somewhere along the line, MDC started mimicking ZANU-PF in just about everything, including showing disrespect to its own constitution and within a short period of time, political scavengers noticed a loophole and caused the split of the party.

Aims and targets have changed and priorities are now virtually non-existent as the MDC-T now is more concerned about getting as many friends and relatives of Morgan Tsvangirai on the gravy train as possible.

At a time when MDC-T people are being assaulted with other opposition members being killed for simply attending a political rally, Tsvangirai, in between court bouts with his harem, finds the time to celebrate party birthdays and spend time introducing his wife at a political rally, instead of telling people his vision and what he intends to do about a host of problems afflicting the nation.

First things first; we care little about who finally wins the ticket into Tsvangirai’s bedroom but we want to know what he, as Prime Minister, intends to do about the increasing violence against the people.

We need to know because the MDC-T is the ruling party and, after four years in power, they should have the answers.

We can no longer accept excuses that ZANU-PF is spoiling things. If MDC-T is not in control of government, they should simply step aside and let those powerful enough take over, then, at least, we would know who our enemy is.

As things stand, the MDC-T is protecting and shielding ZANU-PF and that nonsense must stop.

Is the MDC-T the ruling party or not? And don’t tell me that it is not that simple.

There are so many issues that, because of the MDC-T’s lethargic approach, now seem “normal” yet they are issues that demanded close and immediate attention as far back as several years ago when the MDC was formed.

While MDC-T hosts parties, celebrations and introduces Tsvangirai’s wife at the rallies, people are being murdered for supporting other political parties. That is normal as far as the MDC-T is concerned.

As more farms are being grabbed by ZANU-PF at a time when the nation cannot even feed itself, the MDC-T is busy celebrating its existence. That is normal as far as the MDC-T is concerned.

So many things have become normal to this MDC-T. What I do not understand is why this party cannot stand its ground like ZANU-PF does.

The MDC-T hardly makes noise when corrupt leaders are caught in the net and, instead, sacrifices the small fish in its nets while the big ones go scot-free. The MDC-T has tacitly approved of the culture of impunity as normal otherwise they would be making a lot of noise about it.

They could also be yelling about the intolerance that keeps spreading with warmongers like Emerson Mnangagwa allegedly forming vigilante groups in towns around the country, the latest of which, we are told, is Al Shabab in Kwekwe. To the MDC-T, this is normal otherwise they would be screaming about it.

There are so many issues that the MDC-T could be using against ZANU-PF, actually blackmailing Mugabe’s party by simply saying ‘until this is straightened out, there is not going to be any other business’.

MDC-T is not making noise about the incompetence, corruption, violence, property theft and even human rights abuses of which the majority of victims are MDC-T supporters.

Even the draft constitution is not a major worry to the MDC-T. Tsvangirai casually tells the people that his party will not be participating in any election unless certain conditions have been met but what is he doing about ensuring that those conditions are met? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Look at what is happening at the conservancies.

For goodness sake, if the MDC-T cannot effect any changes what the hell are they doing in government, even calling themselves the ruling party? What kind of irresponsible behaviour is this?

Everything around them is not what it should be.

Apart from issuing press releases and statements, what is the MDC-T doing about the corrupt judiciary, which almost always victimises MDC-T supporters?

About the corrupt police force that steals money and property from people injured or killed at accident scenes?

Do they have any plans for job creation or they are content to give more and more space to the Chinese who have become worse exploiters than the colonial masters we once had?

What really is the MDC doing about not only the human rights abuses at Chiadzwa but about the revenue from those diamonds, which, we are told, is not reaching Tendai Biti’s Ministry of Finance?

How long have we all known about the disgusting state of the voters’ roll and what, in real terms, has the MDC-T been doing to correct the anomaly?

The heart of the matter is that the MDC-T has forgotten and has conveniently mortgaged all its priorities in order to accommodate those in real power so that they, the MDC-T, may also be accommodated on the gravy train.

The MDC-T has to renew its mandate and re-establish proper priorities within itself to maintain any relevance.

It is without doubt that ZANU-PF has survived as much as it has because of the unwitting patronage from the MDC-T, which has shown an unbelievable amount of incompetence and impotence.

The MDC-T cannot recongnise itself today because it is no longer the party that excited the nation those many years ago.

The MDC-T has forgotten that its mandate was to replace ZANU-PF and institute a new form of rule that emanated from the people. Instead, the MDC-T has become partners with ZANU-PF and feels comfortable to remain in this situation because they are afraid to stand on their own.

“When it comes to Zanu-PF, past history is the best indicator of future behaviour,” said a colleague. “Since the GNU was formed, the reality is that the fundamentals and mechanisms of tyrannical control have not changed one iota.”

I agree wholeheartedly because the MDC-T fails to articulate its position even when offered a clear opportunity to do so.

The MDC-T must seek renewal because it has lost direction and is slowly becoming a danger to the nation. One devil in the form of ZANU-PF is more than we can take but to have the conniving assistance of MDC-T is the worst form of betrayal the nation of Zimbabwe can ever expect.

My fear is that the MDC-T will find out too late that Zimbabweans should never be taken for granted. This is a fact that Robert Mugabe and those who came before him found out when it was too late to save the situation.

Enough of Elizabeth Macheka, please. Back to work. MDC-T does not have any record to claim why people should vote for it except using people’s hatred of ZANU-PF.

Last weekend, Tsvangirai went to Bulawayo to celebrate his party’s 13th anniversary, why? What’s there to celebrate?

To make matters worse, Tsvangirai promised the people free and fair elections. Who is he kidding? Where does he get the powers to stage such when Mugabe refuses to clean up the voters’ roll on which Ian Smith still appears? When ZANU-PF vigilante groups are sprouting in every town?

MDC-T better be careful, they have just about spent all the goodwill people gave it.

The honeymoon for both Tsvangirai and the MDC-T is over.

By Tanonoka Joseph Whande


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