Mafia ministers

These are the most talked about Ministers,be it in rural areas or
urban areas.They are popular with the elderly and the youth,be the
positive way or negative stories!Zanu PF Ministers are dominating
because they were part of previous governments and they oftenly appear
on state owned papers and get better coverage from the national
broadcaster,ZBC.MDC Ministers are popular for compaigning for
democracy and some of them were terorised by state security agents.

1.TENDAI BITI-The finance Minister who is also Secretary General for
MDC-Tis known for pulling Zimbabwe back to its feet after introducing
the multi currency regime which saw civil servants going back to work
after he gave them $US100 vouchers to sustain themselves.Biti has been
the target by war veterans and a bomb exploded at his house last year
with analyst saying he was the target.He was chosen the best African
Minister last year.

2.Mnangagwa Emmerson-Defence Minister and also Secretary for Policy in
Zanu Pf.He is said to be Vice President Mujuru’s biggest threat to the
Zanu Pf throne when President Mugabe steps down.He owns a farm and a
vast business empire.He commands a strong following in the Midlands

3.Ncube Welshman-Industry Minister and President of the smaller MDC
faction.He led some MDC members who split from PM Tsvangirayi’s party
over differences on views.His son married President Zuma’s daughter
and is expected to pull a major surprise in next year’s elections
though he was beaten by DPM Khupe in the Parly elections in 2008.

4.Chamisa Nelson-ICTs Minister and MDC-T Organising Secretary is
popular after he was severely tortured by security agents alongside PM
Tsvangirayi several years ago.His descendance to the top left Elias
Mudzuri’s political career hanging on a thread.

5.Coltart David-Education Minister,human rights lawyer and MDC-N
Secretary for Policy is the only white Minister in the inclusive
government.He accessed funds through UNICEF which have seen the
student to book ratio reduced to 1:1 in all primary schools.He is to
have participated in the Ian Smith era.

6.Kasukuwere Saviour-Youth Affairs Minister is popularly known as
Hitler in the political circles has been implementing the
controversial Indiginisation and Empowerment programme which is said
to be benefiting only already wealth Zanu PF strong men.Positively the
Community share ownership Trusts has benefited poor Zimbabwean
communities in the mining areas.He is believed to belong to the
faction which is led by VP Mujuru.He owns a farm and several

7.Chombo Ignatious-Local Gvt Minister and a wealth businessman who
owns several properties ranging from farms,stands,houses and a fleet
of cars.He is most known for disturbing the smooth running of MDC-T
led councils,firing elected councilors replacing them with Zanu PF

8.Shamu Webster-Information Minister and a former ZBC disc Jockey(DJ)
is also Zanu PF’s political Commisar.He is President Mugabe’s
compaigning leader who has featured on several songs which seeks to
compaign for Mugabe on ZBC stations.He surprised many church goers
when he raised his fist which is a Zanu PF symbol when he was wavering
to saints at Prophet Makandiwa Crusade last year.

9.Mangoma Elton-Power Dvpt Minister and also deputy to MDC-T Treasuror
Roy Bennet is in charge of Power provider Zesa.He has been arrested on
several occasions on accusations based corrupt tenders.He is accused
of leaking information about arrears owed to Zesa by Zanu PF strongmen
including the first family who owes the power provider thousands of

10.Mutasa Didymus-Presidential Affairs Minister and Secritary for
Adiministration in Zanu PF.He used to command a strong following in
the Manicaland Province which is now decreasing after the emergence of
MDC-T.He is popular whith accusing PM Tsvangirayi of being a puppet of
the West and calling him several names.

11.Chinamasa Patrick-Legal Affairs Min and forme Attorney General.
He stunned many Zimbabweans recently when he said Zanu Pf and the
military won’t accept a leader which lacks liberation war credentials
which was condenmed by principals in the inclusive government.

12.Obert Mpofu-Mines Min. Wealthy and self proclaimed King Of
Matebeleland.He is positioning himself to take over from SK Moyo.He is
accused of being involved in laundering of the Marange Diamonds.

13.Made Joseph-Agriculture Min.

14.Madzorera Henery-Health Min.

15.Mumbengegwi Simbarashe-Foreign Affairs Min.

16.Makoni Theresa-Co Home Affairs Min.She is the President of the
MDC-T Women’s assembly.She is also a close freind to PM Tsvangirayi
and she is involved heavly in the Locardia Karimatsenga saga with
reports saying she and her Husband Ian who is Chief of Staff in PM
Tsvangirayi’s office are paying legal bills for Lordia.

17.Goche Nicholas- Transport Min who has seen the introduction of
tollgates which has seen roads being serviced however the national
airliner Air Zimbabwe has almost collapsed under her leadership.

18.Mushonga Priscilla-Int’l Relations Min-She is Secretary General of
MDC-N and was married to the late top Doctor Mushonga.

19.Muchena Olivia-Women’s Affairs Min.

20.Sekeramayi Sydney-Security Min,a wealthy Politician and a
commanding force in Zanu PF.

I could not put in order the remaining 14 Ministers or so as some of
them are not known much by the general populace.
(I know my ToP 20 list might be controversial and open to debate)
By C Toga


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