Why I should be voted ( Member of Parliament) for Binga- North in 2014

ephraim-2MDC-T MP for Binga North constituency in Matabeleland North Province, Mr Patrick Nene Sibanda (MDC-T), might well-known among his constituents. Although he is popular; he has not brought any meaningful development to Binga.

The constituency, which comprises Manjola, Sikalenge, Kaani, Sinakoma, Sinansengwe, Sinampande, Nabusenga, Simatelele, Chunga, Siachilaba and Lubu areas, remains largely underdeveloped with more huts made of mud, bricks and poles than proper infrastructure.  Constituents that stay far from the Zambezi River live in abject poverty, as they do not have stable means of earning an income. Most such constituents have resorted to selling chickens, wild fruits and wood ornaments in order to make money.

On the other side of the constituency is Binga Centre, which includes a number of Government offices, a post office, a medical facility, lodges and supermarkets. Traders selling fish and clothes could also be spotted at this end.

The electorate living on this side of the constituency is better off as they have a variety of ways to earn a living since they are near the great river and a larger market.

Annexe schools have sprouted in a significant number of areas although constituents say these schools have remained undeveloped, much to the disadvantage of their children. The MP and the councilors are not playing their role in the constituency. “Aside from the MP, our councillors also do not know the people’s  problems.  People are even afraid to say what bothers them. “There have not been any developments in Binga. Our children have to walk kilometres to Primary and secondary schools we walk the same distance to the hospital.

“The food situation is bad this time around.. Buying food is a real challenge. People lodge their complaints and they are constantly asked what bothered them but nothing had ever been done to solve their problems.“I don’t know what happens. People make their problems known but nothing ever changes. The  MP ‘s look down upon them .Another problem is that our MPs are selfish, they forget about people’s problems and think about themselves only. Our MPs and councilors  should stop being sexist and engage women when it comes to anything concerning development. When I’m voted   to l lead Binga I will make sure woman don’t sit at the back, listen and do whatever has been decided on by man .

As a leader I will take people seriously, we could be making some valuable contributions that could develop our area if such leader as I  was leading Binga today.

“As it is, our people live in these houses made of mud and poles when people in other areas live in properly built houses.

“Co-operatives that would generate money should be encouraged so that women can also contribute to the development of the area.

Children living with disabilities had been ignored for a long time now. Such children are failing to go to school because there are no schools for

them here yet they also need to be educated.

“My cousin is physically challenged and because of this she cannot go to school. Primarily because the school is too far, the road to the school is inaccessible and she is not able to cross rivers during the rainy season.

Most parts of Binga North constituency are very remote. There is hardly anything to look at. There are no roads to talk about and the clay soil in most areas is a nightmare, especially during the wet season. The poverty people were subjected to have become normal to them. People had stopped complaining about what they did not have because Binga is a dry place that would probably not yield anything for them agriculturally, although the climatic conditions in the area did not permit them to practice crop farming, other means of survival should be established in the area. The youth are the most affected as they did not have anything to do after leaving school.

“You find that there are a lot of young people doing nothing. The education system and our financial predicament in the rural areas are failing them.

“You find that some of them do not even do their Ordinary Level. They learn whatever they learn, leave school and just sit around at home after that.

They need income-generating projects or even vocational training centre’s from which they can learn practical skills. There is no vocational training centre in Binga yet it would go a long way in equipping the youth with skills that would enable them to earn a living.

“I do not want young people to just sit around. They need to be taught skills that would help them fend for themselves. Schools are unfit for children and do  not benefit them much. We need proper schools in the area otherwise we compromise the quality of education these children receive  there had not

We also struggle to get water because the boreholes are very far away let’s not mention that we live right by the Zambezi yet no running water for us . We need more boreholes to be drilled so that we do not have to walk long distances to fetch water, Constituents need all the help they could get so that they could develop themselves and their area as well.“Binga is not growing at all, and it shall not until I step in.

The reason why development had been minimal is because the Government has no money and the MPs are not motivated. Children in the area, most of whom had stopped going to school because they were no longer receiving money under the Basic Education Assistance Module (Beam).It’s common had children stopped going to school at a tender ages because they were no longer getting money from Beam.

I  do not know why the money stopped coming but it is really needed so that these children can go back to school.

Article by Ephraim Ntlamo ( Future MP for Binga North)


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One response to “Why I should be voted ( Member of Parliament) for Binga- North in 2014

  1. What then would you do if elected? I hope you realise that this is a national problem not just Binga’s problem.

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