Family puzzled as son’s grave transfers itself from Binga to Inyathi

tomstoneAn Inyathi family reportedly woke up to the shock of their lives to discover a grave of their son whom they buried in Binga a few months ago in the middle of their fields.

Surprisingly, a tombstone had already been erected on the grave and the family is still in quandary on how the grave ‘moved’ from Binga to Inyathi.

A reliable source close to the family said: “The deceased’s aunt is the one who realised that there was a grave in their fields when they arrived last Thursday morning. Firstly, she thought she was seeing illusions and she asked her two children what they were seeing. They then confirmed that there was a grave in the fields. The three reportedly ran back to their homestead as it was still a little bit dark.”

The family stayed indoors until the break of dawn, when they returned to the fields after dismissing what they had seen as they suspected it was a ghost.

“When they got to the fields, nothing had changed as the grave was still there. They alerted some villagers who came and witnessed the mystery in horror. The grave looked as if it had just been erected and all the things which had been laid on top of it that side in Binga still looked new and fresh,” added the source.

Although the matter was reported to the police, it is reported that the police attended the scene and left without doing anything as it ‘was beyond their powers’.

A police source also confirmed the incident.

“The grave was left untouched for four days and the family decided to take it upon themselves. They started digging the grave, but strangely there was nothing inside,” said the source.

When the now deceased’s aunt was contacted for comment, she too confirmed the incident.

“Thuso Moyo worked in Binga and died after a short illness while he was in Binga. Since we had no money to transport the body, we buried him that side,” she said.

The aunt revealed that they found the grave in their fields last week and the epitaph confirmed everything.

“Now we do not even know what to do as we have discovered that there is nothing in the grave, but we are considering going to Binga to see if there is another grave there,” she said.


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