Meaning of being 21

Growing up under hardships I never dreamed of where I’m today in life although haven’t arrived there but my journey had been long and tough. The air is chilly and tick with rich smell of earth and the clear horizon that seem to stretch for ever, that’s how I can describe Binga, a hopeless place were there is nothing a young person would want to remain there for.
Leaving my family behind at a tender age of 16 had been not an easy decision but in a world were you have to choose between death and life you are left with no choice at times but take the painful route. Being 16 and having to look after yourself in a hostile country as South Africa is really an experience that no money can buy. It takes courage firstly to be away from your family and friends, Secondly to survive in a city where you don’t know any body.
I’m might be turning 21 today but for me it does not make any difference as others see, the moment I left home at 16 I turned 21 I became an adult and never turned back since then. My success over the years despite all the challenges I faced speaks of an attitude of someone who is eternally grateful for the opportunities I had been offered and a determined village boy who never give up dreaming.
Over the years I have believed and proved I’m a visionary, few people from my village would have believed I would make my name here in South- Africa, Finding myself on the streets of Cape Town few people believed I could enroll myself in school, Being so young, poor, without an education few people believed I could establish a foundation. Few people believed I could in the picture of Zimbabwe’s political map and become the youngest officially political appointee by an opposition party.
I’m a person who believe in what I do, even if odds are heavily against me. My attitude of listening to everybody but swallow advise of those who say it can be done motivated and cemented my confidence that nothing is impossible.
To me success is not based on luck or your background but handwork and self- belief when you believe in what you are doing or venturing into nevertheless what people say or think you will succeed, acknowledge that you are the driver of your life there you know which mountain you are capable of climbing or not.
My sheer guts and determination sees through time of challenges, if there is one person who had managed to come from one challenge after another and still stand firm then its me, in fact very few of us can do so.
For me turning 21 mean revisiting the map I drew when I left my rural home of which I have to get an education,fulfil my political ambitions in which I have risked my life and that of my family for over the years. All the horror I have been through its because of politics I therefore became interested in it to make sure the next Binga generation doesn’t go through what I went through. By 29 I hope to be a memeber of parliament for Binga, running a refugee football team made me realize how much leadership skills I possessed.
I’m passionate about what I do, for the purpose of making a difference not to impress anyone.

I will keep believing nothing is impossible what can be thought of is possible.


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