Surviving a second date

datingDating to the majority of men across the globe, has remained a spot on the landscape.  This means the word itself has modeled some serious complexities for me to explicitly air it out so that they can win ladies intimately. Only a few survive the blight of the world’s terrific entrances.

So it becomes embarrassing when one loves somebody but fails to say it. It becomes a problem when the two meet, They usually say nothing instead but only create some warm greetings spiced with awesome admiration.

Second dating manifests the greatest weakness of manhood.And many wonder why men with their val our and masculinity get themselves into second date. We have heard of number of very strong men being victims of domestic violence, but are well known for bullying in bars or other joints. Some men in these joints are well known culprits who have acquired for themselves good names streaming mainly from their fighting antics and strength. But they are in return the same people making news when it comes to  the issues involving women, Anyway these are issues for other days;  The focus is how man can survive second dates.

Once bitten twice shy could be the case when it comes to dating for the second time. Are you a great date? Besides being a bundle of nerves before meeting your date, one also has to worry about whether you are boring or brilliant company.

” It is time to stop being too demanding and enjoy your dates, otherwise no one will ask you out.

It can be highly frustrating when your partner has no clue why you are upset or get your point of view,” However first dates are famous for reducing us to nervous wrecks but the question on everyone’s lips is why do so many of us find it a case of second time unlucky.

Everyone knows about first date nerves, but it is amazing the number of times a first encounter goes off with a bang, maybe, maybe after cup of caffeine or wine to clam your nerves you are bothered or eager to impress and before you know it, you are laughing at each other’s stories, so much that you can’t breathe and amazed by how much you have in common.

So it comes as a shock on the second date, when you realize the stakes are higher  and you are so worried and ruining things, you can’t relax.

Before you go on a second date be confident and guaranteed of what you want. Because first established that you get on. It can be easy to assume that the second will tell you whether you want to be an iterm.

Correct first your mistakes and then you can jump on the second date.

( Don’t take me seriously, I was just testing my brain to see if I’m still creative)


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