Why i’m seen as threat


What’s so special about me? I’m from Binga. Thus one question many people ask themselves about me but does being from Binga really makes one special? No I doubt, so why I’m?

1278011_659243494085794_458496940_oThis is what you didn’t know about me, I’m a fearless warrior who can’t be easily silenced I was born a leader and someone born a leader is fearless. Binga a massive land of people who had been looked down upon since Zimbabwe’s birth, its heart breaking that our people had been made to feel so inferior by Mugabe’s government that they today had given up on dreaming big as any other Zimbabwean.

Our people had been reduced to believe they are less capable and inferior to other tribes in Zimbabwe all because of Mugabe’s government unwillingness to engage our people in national programs and that had led to Tonga people accepting the treatment of second class citizens something I can’t accept as an individual and its something I’m ready to fight against as an individual.

I’m young and ready to break the tendency of accepting inferiority, we need to tell Mugabe that what he can do we are capable also at times even can do better than him. We Tonga people have to be brave and confront Mugabe on this issue, we can’t accept being remote controlled like toys we must develop a mentality of being our own masters, we must develop a mentality of asking why, silence won’t help our struggle to be respected and recognized as first class citizen of Zimbabwe.

This neglect of our people and sideling our people from national programs and development has done lots of damage to us, we were never as divided as we are today we no longer speak with one voice, to be accepted in society some of our brother who can’t stand the inferiority being promoted for by the government on us have denounced our tribe and taken up either Mugabe’s or the late Nkomo’s.

We might be a minority but we remain Zimbabweans and deserve the share of the gains of our country’s independence just like everybody else. Binga is wayward and poorly developed in all sectors of its economy because our leadership since independence are scared to point out real issues affecting our people when afforded an opportunity in parliament, we mustn’t be fooled by Mugabe praising us as laid back peaceful patient people what will such gain us? Let’s press him to avail resources that will improve our lives, be praised of having properly run hospitals, schools and road network that will make travelling easier. I’m here to change the attitude of those who think our existence is ever waiting, our fathers waited the whole of their lives but no real development came by and we can’t also wait the whole of lives we are in a better position to act against this injustice than our fathers were.

We do not have to be shy to make it known that our future is in our hands, we decided our future not our future decided in Harare, we decide our future from Binga and take up the proposal to Harare, not the proposal bought upon us from Harare, that we want end.

My effort to transforming Binga to self decision making district is not going unnoticed by enemies who are gaining large at the expense of our people also by political scouts from various parties who share the same vision as I that Tonga people should be treated as any other Zimbabwean not only our existence remembered at election time and forgotten about soon after. I know this a serious issue many people are scared raise but as long as it’s the reality on the ground I will do the masses a favor and say it loudly.

I have met influential Zimbabweans who seriously doubted I was from Binga all because people from Binga are regarded of low status and clueless. I’m from Binga but smart as any other Zimbabwean I have the potential and the qualities and many in Binga do to hold the higher post in the land and deliver with distinction. We are visionaries like any other Zimbabweans but sadly the governments starve us of opportunities to walk our dreams.

I, joined by many others won’t rest until we see the government of Zimbabwe respecting our people and including us in top national programs and set up we don’t want to be represented by aliens we want our people who understand us stand in for us.





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