Mugabe and his cabinet same old story


chinotimbaAs Robert Mugabe was being sworn in we all knew what to expect from this aged leader and his ministers poor service delivery. We always read about positive stories in the biased state run media but in reality its difficult to imagine how Zimbabweans are still exposed to difficulties in their lives.

In many areas our people are still fetching drinking water from contaminated rivers of which they share with animals. The conditions at our schools are far from good so the future of our children is ruined. I wonder if Mugabe’s ministers are aware at all of problems faced by our people, And if they do what had they done or will do to fix the situation? A leader is at his best when he or she gives people what he promised them before he came to power and Zanu-PF leadership seem not to care at all perhaps for the reason that they were not chosen by the people but a manipulated electorate system. The role of a leader is always to display a winning attitude; a true leader knows people are not going to be happy of lies and empty promises. Some officials fail us and they know that, then why don’t you come out and tell us as we are the ones who put you in power? instead you threaten us when we seek answers and hold you accountable, very unfair .

If you tell us what caused you fail our wounds will healer and we maybe find it at heart to forgive you and give you another chance. In 2018 we are headed for polls again and you expect us vote for you if nothing is done to improve our lives?We will ask you what happened to all the promises. Leaders who are voted into power don’t win the contract to do nothing. People put a lot of trust into you so act and deliver this time to give Mugabe a dignified exit from politics.


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