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The MMWhen I was a young boy growing up in the village in Zimbabwe, I never imagined that I will one day find myself in the shelter or foster care facility but this became reality for me when I hopelessly left my country of origin and found myself homeless in South Africa.

I might have been homeless but still had big dreams to achieve. I was taken care of, loved in my new surrounding, my life normalized to that of any other kid, I attended school my confidence grew that I was capable of achieving my goals just like any other child. And fared well in everything I put mind to, my mind was clear of obstacles as the burden of having to deal with the problems on my own was lifted off my shoulders for the time being, until when I turned eighteen and ineligible to remain at the place that had afforded me refugee and hope and here I was on my own again.

ephraim-2 The most difficult part I can say is when you are on your own again thus when you found yourself to be where you were before you came into foster care but this time as an adult, at this stage there is lots of pressure of having to balance your life, achieving the goals you have set for yourself and come up ways support your well-being to avoid homelessness again in an environment were opportunities for such people as us are so limited. And this is the period most can’t handle the pressure and accept that they were born to be homeless, no one was born to be homeless the lack of opportunities for us when we turn eighteen is the main cause that lead us back to homelessness and despair.

Most of my pals I lived with in the shelter are today back on the street not because there are failures but believe the system failed them in a way that when someone turns eighteen is expected to look after himself or herself no matter at what stage of achieving their goal in life. We people from foster cares face lots of challenges after we have reached the age to leave the foster care homes. We have to find quick solutions to multiple problems leading to one abandon one or the other of their goals in life however without systematic structures to give support most of us find it difficult to find direction in life.

The work done by the Monkey and the elephant is very important to giving those out of foster care a purpose in life and the opportunity to learn a skill and feeling not alone in the new world of having to look after yourself and the challenges faced after post foster care life. We are brilliant people who if managed and offered an opportunity off the foster care facility can achieve the best in our lives I therefore argue all of you to contribute to this project so as to give renewed hope and purpose to be productive positive citizens of our communities. Without the support I got after I turned eighteen and left the foster care facility I would not have achieved what I have done so far, I would not be the productive member of my community I’m today, I would not be the leader I’m today, I would not be the hope I’m to others who are in my situation today, as I was few years ago.

With your support for The Monkey/ The Elephant project we can achieve together the end to this tendency were promising talents end up in  miserable situation of homelessness and directionless in life after they are out of  foster care facilities.


To support this initiative click on the link below



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