Open Letter to Psychology Maziwisa

Dear Psychology

Psychology_MaziwisaAs a concerned follower Zimbabwean I decided to write you this letter, a piece of advice, I know that there lots of people out there including those in your own party (ZANU-PF) who would wish the same, advising you to be a mature enough political figure and stop embarrassing your party through your senseless outburst and confrontation with none ZANU-PF affiliated politicians on social media specifically President Morgan Tsvangirai but are too fearful to do so. I however decided to do you a favor  and get the message on how really most Zimbabweans think of you, people don’t like the way you go about talking of other political opponent on social media, They are quiet about it not that they respect you nor like it.

No one respects you Psychology all because of the way you conduct yourself as politician, you are your own worst enemy instead people can’t tell you because they fear you and the party you are associated to and that’s not how it should be when you are people’s politician. Judging by how many people who follow you on social media, those people expect positive uniting ideas and messages from you not deliberate insults and mocking of rival political figures in whatever comes out of your mouth and you write on social media, Yes we might argue that’s how politics is but I think as many Zimbabweans sometimes you go too far. The personal claims you make towards Tsvangirai on social media at times we tend to believe it’s not political but individual grudge you have against him which we don’t know, we would love you tell every Zimbabweans why you hate this man so much, It’s your right to have grudges with whoever you choose but with your position in Zimbabweans politics why make it so public and obvious? You may think you are causing Tsvangirai pain but NO you are actually damaging your own political image, you have shown us how shallow minded a politician you are, you want  gain merit from your superiors by insulting and invading other people’s privacy. It is not the right way to seek political promotion and limelight, political greatness should be achieved in a ethical manner and if you do so you will see all those people who follow you on social media won’t bother use ghost names.

When you started off we all looked up to you as young man with lots to Zimbabwean politics, we thought you will be the foundation of the new era of promoting modern politics in our country, whereby as politicians despite having different political views can sit together have a cup of coffee laugh, but you seem to have lost ground of who really you were and represented to Zimbabwean youth, and  now has followed the philosophy of the old-guards in your party who believe an opposition politician is an enemy not an opponent. We thought you were a smart guy Psychology but now most of us are realizing you are less than average politician who wants use iron-age strategies to earn a status in your party. Deliberately using other people’s private lives for political score is not something that most Zimbabweans appreciate. We might be politics but they should be where we draw the line as such, we know politics is dirty but these days it’s no longer the case, we are a new generation that should respect one another’s opinions not enemies who should kill each other for politics or insult one another’s families.

What do Zimbabweans in general benefit from me and you or whoever exchanging insults? Nothing other than wasting their time and resources.

I really hope you will view politics in a bit different way from currently what you does, If you still want to impress a few in your party that you are really committed to ZANU-PF, show it by working hard uniting Zimbabweans and promoting modern politics based on the principles of democracy and most importantly be the role-model for new generation of current and upcoming politicians of our generation that politics should be conducted and practiced in fair and democratic manner.

You might be ZANU-PF I might be MDC-99 or whatsoever but the baseline is we are firstly human-beings; secondly Zimbabweans and thirdly politicians, so you can’t rule out that you might tomorrow work hand in hand with an individual you are tarnishing the image of his family today for the good cause that might benefit Zimbabweans and how will you look each other in the eye?

You never know what life brings tomorrow; I have no doubt you know that very well considering you are today working with the party you so much hated.

Wishing you all the best in your political career


With respect

Ephraim Ntlamo


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