Many African men are Boko- Haram, Lobola first, then babies

ImageIt is embarrassing to see how people have turned God’s plan of marriage into something to joke about, No wonder marriages these days has became as fragile as glass.

When families break up there is lot of drama, and the ones who suffer most are the poor innocent kids.

Black people have bypassed marriage by having kids out of the wedlock, to some extent women are to blame as they are the ones who can stand their ground and insist on doing the things the right way before failing pregnant.

Some couples who have children born out of the wedlock even have the guts to brag about their babies as if everything was normal. In our African tradition it is taboo to give the name from the father’s ancestral line if he did not pay lobola. This trend is growing fast; it seems as if our African celebrities especially enjoy being single parents. And our young people look up to these tradition limping individuals as their role models.

As a true African who follows and respects his tradition, I argue every black person to do the right thing and lead a life worthy of following. Furthermore don’t forget that no vows had been exchanged between the two of you. For you to carry his child doesn’t mean anything to because he was not in the father mentality when he proposed you.

He just wants to enjoy you irresponsibly without thinking of the outcome and without everyone acting responsibly and with respect it’s not too late to correct this tradition decay.

Ladies please be strict and lay down your rules and stand by them. Then our children will benefit by having parents who love and take care of them.

If you don’t pay lobola then you are also just like the Boko- Harams


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One response to “Many African men are Boko- Haram, Lobola first, then babies

  1. wld

    My brother/sister do you realise that the suffering of the poor/poor child/poor girl in our nations/communities /homes are strongly the results of failure of rich &or so called civilised if their ways fail it all comes to the suffering/ the poor&uncivalised :lets all be conceined

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