Who is really is Ephraim Ntlamo ?

30198_400853127461_7683460_nI remember a few years back people from all walks of life asking is it this tiny boy who have started this fantastic initiative (Refugee6 foundation) and the author of that blog. Yes they had reason to few do at 17, I was a small boy believed by few the majority rubbished my ideas but when things started unfolding as if in a movie script they were the first to congratulate me and since then they had been no turning back. People realized what a gold mine of great ideas I was.

My ideas are master class no wonder people always want to hear about them. I’m the kind of person who can turn R100 into a million if I want to, however my success in whatever I do is not because of merely intelligence but attitude and character and knowing what I want in life. Below I have outline why I’m a success and will in future be counted to be among the greatest Zimbabweans perhaps Africans.

  1. I have many friends and easily make them however I need them least in that time of discouragement, crazy isn’t?
  2. I have a burning passion for larger than life things not materialist things through
  3. Every step forward in what I do is dangerous adventure (risk) and I enjoy that and never turn back
  4. I put myself in a situation whereby I don’t invite everyone onboard nor ask for opinions, I just do things my way if that something brings trouble it’s me anywhere who will have to find a solution (way-out) therefore those who sail along or wants to sail along with me and my great ideas has to have a dumb obedience of a dog
  5. I think I’m my life therefore no one is entitled to demand explanation from me for now maybe in future if ever I get married
  6. When I started the Refugee6 Foundation I discovered the power of make believe how it can create a truth great than actuality
  7. What people admire about me is utter bravery and enthusiasm to move mountains
  8. I believe reason distinguishes man from poverty and suffering, thus why I work hard but hard work not strategically planned is nothing
  9. I have learned how soon the world forgets about you and what you have done just from one mistake, I therefore never repeat the same mistake of yesterday
  10. I try hard in everything that appeals to me even through some will be artificial and just bring me trouble and few cents. I believe the next time I will do much better. I’m never ashamed of failure , failure is learning and experience gained
  11. When I score 2% of my plan I’m encouraged to do others
  12. When things are tough I hang up my plans and take any offered employment to get back on my feet being choose is not part of me
  13. I know life to be unpredictable I’m therefore always prepared for the worst, even ending up in a place where I could learn the jargon of thieves and murderers
  14. When people inquire about me they are amused that I’m just a poor someone known to few. I’m always humble and polite achievements don’t make me lose touch with myself. I will see myself as a better Ephraim to that of 10 years ago
  15. When I attempt to do something I at times fail dismally but never bury my head in the sand in shame instead for me failure is a lesson in every lesson you take out positives that will help you tomorrow
  16. I don’t waste my time on people who are bitter towards me for I know it’s human nature that not everyone will like you, poor or rich people will hate or like you
  17. I never get along with hell raising and selfish individuals who never think of others
  18. I never wave my confidence because I know I have sublime to make things to happen and help others
  19. Whether days are dull or not I work like an ant
  20. I’m a firm believer of when you do something do it whole heartedly
  21. When I was a young boy I sat with adults to gain strength of mind something I still do today
  22. I’m blessed with brains because I’m so imagineous and free with all I have those who know me will tell you , I never say “nay”
  23. I never turn from a difficult situation a tired broken man or convinced I’m a total failure
  24. I have trained myself never to agree on things at one go I take relevant attention to what at hand before I make a decision
  25. I wish to outdo not others but the me of yesterday to create another yesterday
  26. My secret to success is belief and courage
  27. I always go for the bigger and difficult tasks because I want to be I want to be 25 years ahead of my age
  28. I always distance myself from superstitions and wishful thinking instead I take action right away
  29. I like danger and it’s a pleasure to meet it and learn from it
  30. When I want to change something about myself I strip that thing as I do with my dirty garment

To be continued




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