You are the driver of your life

mr ntlamoI look upon life as do- it self project. I create my own happiness and self-esteem I never complain when I fail for I take responsibility of the best person I can become. I know people who have given up on their personal goals and I’m very sorry for them as life is never failing but getting on feet and try over and over till you get it right

I have always believed what mind can think of its achievable never adopt a mindset were you think winning in this game of life is far off and impossible; it doesn’t have to be that way. Our lives were not meant to be routine just waiting for that big thing to come, you have to be positive and go out there knock the doors looking you never know what might be awaiting.

I have learned over the years to build on my strengths and working on my weaknesses that is perhaps I have been so successful on my personal goals. I have learned for one to be successful you have to be humble but the same time love yourself while always doing your best to develop your talents and pursue your purpose. We don’t have to throw away our hopes and expectations and reach the lowly point of ‘’ anything will do ‘just because we have tried and failed before. Remind yourself of past victories and that self love and confidence come to you when you accept full responsibility for your own happiness, success and failure.

Think yourself as your own coach, remind yourself again and again of past victories and use them to build strength when faced with new challenges. Be grateful for the ability to control your, response to whatever life throws at you because by so doing you stay focused and on the right track to greatness

Never look at life as unfair towards you when facing any challenges because challenges when thinks positively can open new doors for you- challenges are always accompanied by hidden opportunities.   Put in mind everyone goes through certain challenges in their lives and accept thus how life is meant to be, acceptance will help you not get stuck in the moment but focus on the future and what you capable of pulling through and all opportunities that will come your way in future

If we stop fighting and striving to reach our goals we have set for ourselves, chances are we will be content with waiting for handouts that may come our way, And that would shameful considering if we believe and stop listening to negative friends it would be us handing out to those who are not wise enough and gave up.

Giving up on your goals I regard it an act of sabotage to your future because you are the one who promised yourself on what you want to achieve, If so then your future is in your hands and all it take is patience and not be a coward by dropping your goals easily.

If you have failed in the past year, having just started 2015, you should believe this one will be fruitful for you in many ways. Have a vision instead of mere resolutions. A dynamic life is always fired by vision. Our seasons don’t change simply because of passing time, they change because of people we allow to enter and exit our lives. The greatest tragedy that can happen to someone is to have a lack of vision for their life.  It’s true that poor eyes limit man’s sight, poor vision limits his deeds. Vision is ability to see further than the eye can look

Have a sense of purpose for your future (driver) and never give up




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