Black people lets learn to save money

403092_3087076334042_257667427_nThe majority of us black people will continue to get poor and poorer simply because we don’t know how to spend or manage our finances. I have realized that most of us work so hard for money yet we don’t respect it, especially when we have lots of it. You can’t spend all your savings on luxuries and parties, it’s high time we learn to invest and save money

It’s not easy to save and invest but its possible very possible if one wants to. We spend money on useless things like expensive cars, alcohol and clothes as if we are superbly rich. Don’t get me wrong what I have seen is that white people are not all rich as we assume but just very smart with every of their cent, while we black people are busy squandering our monies as if there isn’t tomorrow they will be busy buying shares in stock exchange. And we materialistic things are our investments; do we really believe expensive cars are investments and the future for our kids?

Why can’t we learn from white people and start investing on stock exchange and buying shares rather than showing off with cars that cost millions, when we don’t have even a thousand in our account

My black brothers and sisters never fool yourself cars are not an investment and neither is alcohol or expensive clothes. We have seen our people get good packages after years of hard work only to go on a wild spending spree and not investment a cent, its simply unacceptable to spend your whole package on luxurious materialistic things

I challenge all black people to learn to save and invest in things like property. Invest your money in something that will bring good returns and a smile in the future. If we don’t change our attitude about money matters, we will continue to live in poverty and making white people scapegoats for our arrogance

When it comes to money matters we don’t want our children to inherit our attitude towards money and create broke future leaders of communities who has no respect for money. Financial institutions have a role to play they don’t have to be just profit driven, as they are today but rather promote financial literacy. It’s never too late to invest and start saving today for you will be spared from regrets and tears in future


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