Be grateful and learn from those who had it all and lost it all

Ephraim Ntlamo

Ephraim Ntlamo

As a young man with so much potential to move mountains and aspiration  multi- millionaire to be in future, I must say I’m very grateful  for the examples of what not to do with money after you have made it big in this world. We had surely had of the Curtis James Jackson III, Tyson’s and Micheal Jackson’s of this world going broke, We have learned that reckless spending just as the HIV virus doesn’t choose who to make bankrupt , We all know what spending as if there is no tomorrow can do us and our future perhaps that of our children too. The above mentioned gentlemen’s had the world at their disposal they had the world in their palms but then we ask our selves what went wrong ? Its of-course hard to believe a dollar multi-millionaire, Oh not Zimbabwean dollar millionaire can lose everything from mansions in high-end suburbs  to monster sport cars to having to rent slam in notorious neighborhood.

It’s no joke people who spend their money as if there is no tomorrow end up in deep financial trouble these people go broke because they lack financial education , they tend to think life is all but materialistic stuff, furthermore they lack investment knowledge for them its easy come and easy go everyday but this method is proven not to last forever, You can enjoy success today but shall come a day when you will have it tough, a time the source dries up. However their example should be an eye opener to us all regardless you a millionaire or not, regardless you have minimal education or a PHD holder we are all exposed to bankruptcy.

The age old saying that education is key annoys the hell out of me, many people tend to think and believe that education is about reading books and passing examinations, In my opinion its more than that . Education is map guidance to be able to handle this big good and bad world we live in, Its a pity some of our friends don’t know that. Whether someone has minimal education or not if that person is wealth when I say wealth i don’t necessary mean millionaire I mean health financial position   you probably call it debt free that person has education, because it takes someone intelligence to be debt free not how much money one have,. Therefore education is the life you spend teaching yourself, its your attitude towards what you have got in your hands. If you spend your time teaching yourself investments and saving every cent  not materialistic things you save yourself a great deal of humiliation how painful is it to have it all today then nothing tomorrow ?

A smart person doesn’t focus on fancy clothes nor enjoy the company different gorgeous women every weekend nor drive crazily prized super cars, discipline is key to success, most people if not everybody wants to live an extravagant life style   just as our disgraced brothers however that life style is impractical, its a proven fact that materialistic stuff fade away sooner than we may think  luxury cars beautiful women etc. Spoiling yourself is something that need to be done but one should avoid failing into the seducing allure of extraneous spending., spending under budget once in while is no bad thing however extraneous spending everyday or weekend is i call insanity. There seriously no need to spend a million dollars on a car when you can have something much bigger fuel effective and of the same luxury for fifty thousand dollars, Why not buy something which you know you will sell should the economy bite you ?

Discipline as I said before is key to every men’s success however easier said than done, It needs to start from a young age in one’s life in order to avoid future problems. One should maintain responsibility in their lives and teach himself or herself the the importance of holding on to their belonging and be aware of how devastating it can be to lose what you have worked so hard for if you don’t take care of that thing.


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