EPHRAIM NTLAMO. I was born in on the 27thof March 1992 in a rural village of Binga in Zimbabwe. Being born in this impoverished part of the world, there are lots of challenges to overcome. For example, your own parents do not believe in education that much at times as key to success, they
can be very traditional and think that the child must either become a herd boy or a farmer but civilization has reached us too these days, so many parents are starting to realize When I started school in 1997 my dream was to become an electrical engineer (The reason behind my dream, was to one day own a car, live in the city, where I would own a European style house — oppose to a traditional muddy hut where I grew up in). Because of  Western sanctions, political instability and hyper inflation in Zimbabwe,  life took a twist and I had to go to the promised land.

Ok I crossed the Limpopo river illegally into South -Africa I ended up strolling in the streets of Cape Town, where I was exposed to crime, violence and drugs.
Although I slept in the drain, I still had hope that my dream would be fulfilled one day. Living in the streets was very stressful everybody knows that, the situation can easily force you to take substances, but I resisted lucky for me I was raised in a difficulty environment so I could cope. I kept on believing in my dream. Today I am at school, eating fresh food, sleeping in a bed with proper blankets and now I’m even proudly sitting in front of a laptop as you read. This experience for me was actually a breakthrough. My enthusiasm for holding the power and making a change was born out of this experience.This experience made me to love politics. Not to become like most African politicians, but to be a leader / politician with a heart, who understands the situations that people go through on a daily basis, which most of our African politicians I believe don’t understand or does but will-nilly ignore. If I can become a politician in future, my aim is to change the image of African politics, which our African politicians regard as a business to empower themselves and their families. To me, life is a challenge (today you overcome one problem, tomorrow you face another). You do not have to give up, be like a ship in the storm, and keep on sailing. Let not hope vanish just because of our disadvantaged backgrounds, we all have the chance to be great in life.
Achievements to date

The Refugee6foundation
In 2009 I founded the Refugee6foundation, a Dutch registered non-profit organization. The most important goal of the Refugee VI Foundation is to improve the life standards of refugee children. As
our slogan states: “It’s all about creating chances.” We believe that apparently small changes can make a big difference and from this thought our mission was formed: Trough playing soccer we to reconnect young refugees with the fun sides of life. We believe that fun is a basic need and unfortunately refugee children do not experience that side of life a lot. We hope to inspire them in this way and motivate them to make something meaningful and beautiful out of their lives. Furthermore we hope to bring back their self esteem and confidence. Bring young refugees in contact with each other. Most importantly the
foundation tries to generate awareness for problems and living conditions of refugees. Xenophobia, drugs, HIV and crime are a big problem for refugees. By creating awareness we hope that more people
will be engaged in solving the big problems that play such a large role in the lives of refugees.

After Dinner Motivational speaking:

I’m proud that people from all walks of life are appreciating my efforts and started to invite for after dinner motivational speaking should you  need this service don’t hesitate to contact me.


8 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Fre

    Thank you my inspiring young friend, thanks for being in my life. Keep on rocking. I will always be on your side reminding you of your great vision and assisting you to take the necessary steps! love

    • childmigranttalksafricanpolitics

      thank you very much my dutch friend without you i could be no where ,, you are so great lots of love Ephraim

  2. EPHRAIM NTLAMO you are such an inspiration to us all. It is incredible how you kept your focus through such hard times, and did not succumb to the pressures of life on the street.
    Stay strong and good luck with your book!

  3. Henk Goede

    Hi Ephraim, it’s great to read about your life experiences and yes, I still think you should become a journalist, or better still, a politician! You are the example and inspiration our teenagers need! Keep up the good work. Henk

  4. Sara Cheese

    Hi Ephraim
    Joelle forwarded me a link of your website. It looks amazing! I hope you are getting on well. I really enjoyed meeting you and I pray that God blesses you abundantly! You are such an inspiration!
    Much love Sara

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  6. driaan

    ephraim im seriously impressed with ur dedication etc.



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