Life principals

  •  I fear God for he is my Lord
  • I’m always searching for opportunities, even those other people, do not take seriously to me they may mean the world.
  • Honestly I hate complaining, complaining I feel put my mind in an unproductive state.
  • I accept the fact that I’m not more talented than the majority of youngster out there, nevertheless I find ways to maximize my potencial, I try hard to use my skills effectively.
  • I keep myself busy always, I have no time of sitting on the couch planing over and over again, I try to take action as soon as my brain had approved what I’m thinking.
  •  I align myself with like minded people or those who are successful already whom I see as role models,
  •  Ask Ephraim what he hates most about life, the answer would be I dont like to spend my life waiting for the right time ‘ I prefer rolling my sleeves and get down to work right away.
  • When facing or dealing with a life problem I try not to put my head in the sand, I rather face the challenge and use it to improve my problem handling skills.
  • I accept pain ( discomfort because I understand the value and benefits of trying doing under tough circumstances.

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