2009 Founded the Refugee6founadation;

  • The Netherlands registered non-profit organization aim of giving local kids a platform where they can get an understanding of refugee children and vice versa — they interact naturally on the field. The idea behind the Refugee VI football team is not for refugee children to isolate themselves; it should be more like a mixed team where many of the players are refugees.
  • The other main reason for starting the organization is that most of the refugee children, like myself then, were unaccompanied child immigrants, and we didn’t have any activities to do.
  • When you’re a refugee child you go through all these hardships — you can be led to believe that something isn’t possible. So that mentality is exactly what we’re working to get rid of, and it’s working.
  • We have about 25 players in the Refugee VI team at the moment. Most of the guys are under 19, so lots of young guys. The players tend to be mostly from Congo, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Angola and Burundi — that’s the meaning of the six in Refugee VI. So we have the six nationalities and we try to integrate the team with the locals as well (

2012 Shortlisted for the Mail and Guardian 200 exceptional South Africans

  • South Africans aged 35 and under, who are doing amazing things in our country!


 2011 Guest speaker at The 8th Annual Ashley Kriel Memorial Youth Lecture 2011

  • Venue: Life Sciences Auditorium at the University of the Western Cape


2011 Shortlisted for the prestigious Ashley Kriel Reconciliation award (Institute for Justice and Reconciliation

  • The Institute gives an annual Reconciliation Award to an individual, community or organization in South Africa that has contributed, in one way or another, towards reconciliation.


2009 Successfully established a well followed blog the only of its kind in Zimbabwe 

  • ( 

2009 Gun Run Half marathon (21km)

  • Under 76 minutes

After Dinner Motivational speaking:

I’m proud that people from all walks of life are appreciating my efforts and started to invite for after dinner motivational speaking should you  need this service don’t hesitate to contact me.


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