My very first suite



I have always believed in my capability even during those demanding times

The Monkey & The Elephant

The brains behind the Refugee6 foundation

When friends believe in your vision respect them, I respect my friends so much

I’m dreamer today, a go getter tomorrow, when I dream I work hard until I achieve

I dream

Almost everyone from my district is a footballer I’m passionate about soccer, I have a dream for Refugee VI Fc, thats taking the club one step further

I have great respect for woman, those who think man are better capable than woman are mistaken, Hope man especial here in Africa realizes woman can do what man can

I’m a bit crazy at time I love nature ( exotic) places had cycled around overberg covering almost 350 km met really really nice people, who told you to do such a thing you need a fat budget ? Just a tent and bike is enough 🙂 Now a friend had approached me he wanted us to travel up to Victoria -Falls cycling  but Ha ha me into Zim ? So our would be up near the Namibian border ( December 2012)

In a crime ridden country as ours its rare that someone can give a total stranger camping space in their garden, It happened to me they are good people out there, The benefits of travelling I have a family in Napier

Friendship, friendship is all what matters

Happy happy happy happy happy friends

Happy happy happy friends

I’m at the tippest point have to make sure my brakes are in good condition otherwise but almost there.


5 responses to “Photo’s

  1. Wow, did that ever put a smile on my face!

  2. Sheri

    What a beautiful smile. I pray you are still doing well. God bless you.

    • childmigranttalksafricanpolitics

      The smile won’t go away Sheri Im always smiling and thanks for the comment looking forwrd to seeing you again on my site

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